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Money Withdraw For Students


Can i withdraw money from my Fiverr account to my Father Bank Account .
I haven’t any bank account so what can i do?
I am from Pakistan and i think we have an option to transfer our money to Payoneer to direct Bank account.
Can i do this?
if any Pakistani/Indian is reading this post then please let me know how much they charge when they send the amount to bank?
Let say if i have 100$ to withdraw what actual amount i will get in my bank account?

Looking forward to hear from you guys.


No you are not allowed.

Yes you can withdraw your fund through payoneer make sure that the Payoneer account and your local account belongs to you.

There is no fee charge from Payoneer to your local bank account.

Payoneer will convert your funds in local currency.

I hope that will help you cheers!

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No you are not allowed.

So isn’t there anyway to withdraw money for young freelancer less then 18 with no bank account??:roll_eyes:

its really simple, just create Payoneer account on your father CNIC and open a local back account (Meezan, Habib Bank etc…), attached payoneer with fiverr when you have money into fiverr account and click in withdraw so you money will be transferred to Payoneer.
Add your Local bank info into Payoneer as withdrawal method and after approval you can transfer directly into you local bank.
If $1.00 USD on google is 156.00 pkr so Payoneer will pay you around 153 pkr/Dollar.