Money withdraw problem


i have faced problem to withdraw my fiverr funds,when i’m click on bank transfer button the window is open which is attached.i face this problem almost 2 weeks phone is also proper connected to the network.
please give me solution.
thanks in advance



Contact CS (Fiverr Customer Support). They shoild be able help you:


Regarding the error message you have received, please make sure phone services are on (in their phone settings) and make sure carrier plan supports SMS, also try to restart your phone before asking for a new code. Also, make sure to try a different phone.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Kind regards.

When i contact CS they says above mention statements


Well, did you follow their advice? Troubleshoot all the above :small_red_triangle: and see if it works for ya.


yes my phone is already connected to the network but the problem is still present


Is your phone number already verified ??
Are you using this phone by a latest phone (Mobile) device ??
Are you getting sms in this number from your friend or other ??
If not you can try to fix it.


yes my phone number is already verified and i’m getting sms from my friends


You can contact with CS again & describe everything that from your side there is no error.
I hope they will help you to fix it.


See the phone verification help file. For any other questions or problems, contact Customer Support.