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Money Withdraw to PayPal

I had an order at 14 september and it said I could withdraw the money to paypal at 27 november. It’s 27 november and when I press on paypal, it says, no earnings to withdraw. Do I have to wait for the exact time the money from the order were sent at?


Yes I know.
For some reason or other Fiverr keeps this money for 14 days (Nice but if interest in the bank for them alongside there 20% commissions).

I am also waiting and today should also be clear for withdrawal.

But unlike quite a few online service’s wavering there fee’s in these times.

Fiverr is killing it with there profits.
not to mention the extra 5 million dollars investors have made in the past year.

Makes you wonder where all that extra money goes??


They keep the money to monitor and see if the payment was legit. If there are any chargebacks or anything like that, they act right away.

Every online service has some sort of fees, nothing is for free.


I am so grateful for this platform, there’s no way I could afford to market myself to this extent! In my opinion the 20% is more than fair for what we get in return.


I agree with yall, but none really answered my question LOL.

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Yes that is true!
Not mention the actual fee you then get charged for the privilege of withdrawing so said money also and extra 2+% on the total amount and transaction fee’s

However there are quite a few services that normally charge who are actually wavering there fee’s “in this times”

So still I just increased my prices :•)

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Yes also handy.

However fiverr also take 20% of any tips you receive!

Now I have never worked for any boss that takes a cut of your tips also!!!

I can also mention quite a few services online who offer a similar services online.
However depends on your market.

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Still not sure as it’s actually 7pm here in holland and my payment was due to be cleared in the 27th also.

However its still in waiting to be cleared mode and not able to withdraw anything yet.

So do we have to wait until midnight?
As we are pretty much into the 27h right now!!

So no still not an answer for you either lol :joy:

I got my payment the next day, not even the day that the money were supposed to be withdrawn.
Not to mention that they extended it 1 more week from the day I was paid so I had to wait 21 days. :man_facepalming: