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Money Withdrawal problem today

I Withdrawal from the Fiverr to the bank. And success is also visible, but how to get a visa without taking bank details? And where did the money go?

All the money was cut but no money was received and no bank details were asked from me


No I asked How fiverr send money? no bank details were asked from me. Money is cut off after clicking on the bank (button)

Do you have a payoneer account? Sorry I read it wrong

No sir, So I Need this?

So your money was cut from your account but you didn’t receive the amount in payoneer or received a mail?
There is article in help and support [If needed]

First you must create Payoneer account for direct bank transfer

It’s easy

:clubs:First go to payoneer website and register
:slight_smile:then link your bank account then they will take 24 hours or less to confirm it through out your bank
:clubs:then you can click bank transfer,it will go to your payoneer and it will send the amount to the bank

since there is no bank account right now your amount will reverse to fiverr balance

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I have no idea but I just login and everything already set My name bank details everything. I didn’t remember when I add this or an open an account on Payoneer. never mind Now How I transfer to the bank?

You can see there is upcoming transfer its better to patient and stay for while and it will appear in your bank account