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💰 What % Do You Save?

I thought it’d be interesting to know what percentage of Fiverr income sellers choose to put away. I fall in the middle somewhere (around 40% to 50% each month).

:moneybag: What percent of your Fiverr earnings do you save?

  • 0% - I spend all of it.
  • 30% - I save just enough for taxes…
  • 40% - I save quite a bit of it.
  • 50% - I save half of it.
  • 75% - I save most of it.
  • 100% - I save all of it.

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I can not quite estimate, it really depends on the month, and on my needs. Personally, I tend to save as much as I can, but I do develop my home office (equipment, supplies, and etc…) so sometimes I am not able to save at all. :slight_smile:

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I used my first 3-4 months Fiverr income to have my house repainted in 2014. Since then, I have basically saved/invested everything. Here’s how it looked like after the repainting. I will need to repaint it again in 2018/2019 I think. :+1:

[Pic of my oldest friend, my car, which I have had since I was 18 :slight_smile: ]


Nice house with 20 characters, lol.


Yeah, built it myself when I was 23 :slight_smile: [Had a great architect, very nice man, helped me out a lot.]


It’s very sturdy and private. Pretty colors. Very good ornamental aspects, clean and simple.


All to do with the architect, I wouldn’t understand all that :slight_smile:

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All the many levels and layers and turns of the walls give a lot of variety and architectural interest. The eye has a lot to take in and look at and think about, which is the mark of a great architect.


My favorite part of the house is my garden, covered here: Writer99025's Garden on a Sunday Morning

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