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Moneybookers intergration [ARCHIVED / REDIRECTED]

I also believe that Moneybookers should be added as a withdrawal method.

yes i also think skrill will be the best. i applied for payoneer card but its been 6 months i haven’t received and payoneer customer service representatives are so careless asking same document again and again. Brainless people.

i also hope that Fiverr can add more withdraw option for sellers to choose. Paypal is not a good withdraw method in my country since the interchange fee and currency rate is terrible. I want to withdraw in USD but they don’t allow.

i am new to this forum
is there a fiverr official who replies to the threads?

by the way i am also in favor of adding skrill as a payment method. paypal is not available in Pakistan and i use payoneer (which is a good service by the way) but i would like to have a choice. i would like to compare and then withdraw to a service based upon their fee.

totally support the adding of skrill to fiverr.

yourphotoeditor @ You are right. I am also from Pakistan and I have the same suggestion. Skrill may be the best option for us.


it is compulsory to add different payment methods in the fiverr, it should be helpful to all people who work with fiverr, moneybooker(Skrill) should also be attached with fiverr. hope soon the implement should be.

plzz add skrill… paypal is not in all countries

please fiverr can you add skrill…not only that paypal is not in all countried but the fiverr revenue card is sooo frikin expensive…

how it this thread managed?..are the fiverr people reading this?..

Reply to @shumzyboo: Fiverr staff do review the Suggestion Box, but one slowdown is too many threads. Before starting a new thread it’s good to search the forum for [topic] + ACTIVE. If you search for “payment method” ACTIVE you will find an existing thread in the Suggestion Box which is the best category for suggestions to staff. You can like the posts there and add your own thoughts which may draw more attention to a topic many agree with.

If you don’t find one marked active try searching the topic and find a thread to add to. If you don’t find any in the suggestion box, then it probably is best to start a new one.

So, for now, go to this thread and add agreement/likes/disagreement/more ideas:

Sheriff’s Note: Topic closed and redirected to link above.

Salama tompoko,
Vaovao hampiasa ny fiverr aho ka te hanontany anao hoe mety ve ilay mandary payment raha Madagasikara ?

Salama tompoko

Vaovao mampiasa fiverr aho ka te hanontany anao hoe mety ve ny mandray payments raha Madagasikara? Mety ve ilay bank transfer option?