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Monopoly of a few sellers with multiple gigs under one category


Some sellers create numerous gigs, only for one service.

Is it not a type of monopoly, when the gigs of other sellers don’t appear on those pages when one seller is ruling with more than one gigs.
I think there should be only one gig under each category. Am I right?


You started a similar discussion before:

Instead of wanting to add conditions so that other sellers effectively have fewer gigs, why don’t you take advantage of the fact you’re a level 2 seller, and create more gigs up to your limit of 20? :slight_smile:

That way you’ll be on a more level playing field - success!


You are right. I think, I should change myself instead of changing the system :slight_smile:
I was just checking whether my gig is active or not…then surprisingly saw same thumbnails on every page…it took too much time to see my gig placement.
Again thanks for advise :slight_smile:


No problem - hope it works out for you! :slight_smile:


In my case, only luck works :slight_smile:
If I am not in favour of this technique then I will not do it definitely ( not sure about future).


If you know what the idea of using this technique is about, then you will realize why they do that.


I am somewhat realizing it now.
Thanks :slight_smile:




That’s mean, the system’s not good ? omg you’ve open user eyes. Thank you.


Yes there are lots of gigs and competition but don’t let that affect your own efforts. Just concentrate on your own gigs.


You are right that we should only concentrate on our jobs.
I think, it is not competition (but may be). For example, 1000 new sellers are online under a category or subcategory…but actually they are only 300 by having more than 2 gigs. By the way, it is an interesting trick.
Thanks for advise :slight_smile:


It’s only a monopoly is the seller is controlling that market. Just because someone has multiple gigs in one category doesn’t translate into domination of the category. He/she/they are just taking advantage of the rules that apply and increasing the odds by maximizing their exposure in the service area in which they offer. It’s actually good business and fair as EVERYONE _can_do it. In the end it all comes down to marketing and delivering on the promise of your gigs


I used to have just ONE gig. For ghostwriting. I was doing alright too, but when I made another gig that focused on just one specific genre. We had cut out a lot of communication/questions already and were able to get started so much faster. However, the pictures you have as examples are a little overboard. I can see how that might need tending too. Haha


I look around at what others in my category are doing about once a year if that much.

It doesn’t help to eye other sellers and think about how they need to be stopped in some way. It’s making an excuse for yourself. And it’s a waste of time.


Believe me, I am not stopping. Even, first time i came to know that sellers can create many gigs. I like this technique.
I already cleared that I was just checking my gig placement and found same thumbnails. You may see the Convert File category.


These are random examples.


Sorry, I wasnted to say “monopoly on pages”.