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Monopoly on fiverr

I’m a level 2 seller with excellent rating. I have gone through an experience that a buyer placed an order on my basic gig that was $5 within 2 days delivery. The buyer’s profile was showing that he/she joined the fiverr two months back. The order was one of the simplest one out of 88 orders that I have completed so far. When I delivered the order to buyer; he posted a negative review without assigning any reason. It caused a worst impact on my rating and reduced from 4.95 to 4.85. I’m very much sure that this has been done by my competitors on fiverr. This is a new trend introduced by the competitors on fiverr. They invest money to create bad impact on fast growing sellers’ fiverr profile by reducing their ratings. The fiverr management team should look into the matter keenly, observe, scrutinize, check such kind of activities and stop such kind of MONOPOLIES against sellers who have excellent track record. I would say this is going to be a great disaster on fiverr if such things are not controlled in future.

  1. why was it 4.95?
  2. wow, 0.10 lower…runs away
  3. where is your proof a competitor gave you a bad rating?
  4. Buyers don’t have to explain their rating.

Evidence please.

You can’t please everyone–some people go out of their way to be displeased–so… no, the Fiverr management team is not going to look into your case. Your review doesn’t violate the unwritten feedback policy after all, as it’s a genericoreview.

Move on.

I didn’t mean that all the buyers have such kind of disposition. And I don’t blame buyers. This could be a seller who would have made a buyer ID and would have become a part of this monopoly. I hope you understood what I meant to say.

We understand what you are saying. But, you yourself said “could”.
You need proof to accuse someone.
Although I’m sure it’s possible to make a fake 2nd account on Fiverr, it’s VERY difficult to do. They have algorithms in place to stop this behavior quickly. So I’d strongly doubt fake negative review accounts is a new “trend”. Look at the whole pewdiepie mess a while back. He made a 2nd account and BAM! it caught him before he could order.

That kind of response I was expecting from fiverr management team. That:
1- They do agree that a fake 2nd account can be made;
2- They have a kind of algorithm to prevent such kind of activities;
3- They went through such experiences and an appropriate action was taken accordingly.
The purpose of sharing my post was the same which liquidlettuce has comprehensively mentioned above. Thanks liquidlettuce. The kind attention of the fiverr management team is drawn on the matter above.

Sleep well knowing - that everyone will get a bad review eventually. While a bad review hurts… simply tell your side of the story when you leave your review. Our response to bad feedback can be as powerful as a good review. Professionalism. Lastly - if someone is out there playing King of the Mountain - it will fail. There are simply too many good talents on Fiverr to rise to the top by trying to “crush” the competition. While some might be trying it - in the long run it’s a huge waste of time and money. There are plenty of GOOD buyers on Fiverr so push on!!

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