Monsoon has finally arrived


Well done, Bangalore, we have made it through the summer. Phew! Now can I switch off the AC till next year March. My utility bills were scary last few months.Temperatures are much cooler now, the weather is really pleasant. The water shortage situation has been resolved, I hope, it has rained heavily for the last 2 weeks.


Wow summer is at its peak here. :worried:


Matter of days now, I am sure.


Awesome Sunday so far, 12 articles done, now watching two movies back to back on HBO - 13 hours and Star Trek Beyond :sunglasses:


WOW…13 hours…what a movie…outstanding!!!


I’m sitting here with my fan on for a nice cool breeze, it’s even hot in Germany right now, depending on where you live and on the house.
But aren’t you supposed to not be on the forum, Bhai? :wink:


Yeah, I know, I know…