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Monsoon, Rain and Floods - What a Mess

Half of my colony in Bangalore is covered by water because of heavy rain. So far I am okay because my house is on an elevated part of the road, but who knows? This has never happened before in my colony. God have mercy on us.

Yeah, bad week for Bengaluru. Bommanahalli zone is worst affected by rain. On Ring Road people were seen fishing. :open_mouth:

God have mercy.

I hope you will stay safe. Take care. The climate has changed. The nature is very powerful.

Yeah, I am in that area only, BTM layout.

Not nature in this case…over-development and over construction. Many idiots had close the drainages next to their home and built over it. Pure human greed, that’s all. And all of it is illegal construction. If these people were poor and illiterate, I could understand, but they all own large houses, cars and are probably millionaires. And yet so greedy.

Well that´s true. But what I meant by the nature is the nature as it is, is very powerful. For example like tsunami, tornado, stuff like that.

I’m worried about my maid, she lives in Bommanhalli. Poor lady, takes care of 4 children by her own. Her house is all she has. No idea how the situation is like there.

I heard sometimes people can find very big animals when it is flooding as they (the animals) come out, such as super big cat fish, snake, etc. But I hope she is okay. Catfish is usually not dangerous. Some snakes might be.

I think illiterate people could not make (plan) massive constructions, they can be builders though (I am not saying all builders are illiterate, in fact probably most builders today are literate). People cut down trees in rain forests for palm oil industries. We never cut those trees, but most of us use the products made of palm oil (soap, pizza, detergent, etc - things most of us probably never realise or care about what they are made of).

Hoping things are getting better over there for you.

My house is fine so far, but let’s see. Everyone in the area is worried.

I am so sorry you have to go through this, many blessings to you and everyone involved!

Thank you!

I wish you well and you are in my prayers

Thank you! Things are fine today.

My maid is fine…came for work today. She said her house is on an elevated area. But half of the homes in her place - Bommanhalli - have been flooded.

wishing you and all around you the best, and a quick recovery from the damage. Hugs