Month Ending Effects on My Sales



I am working from fiverr from last 3 months. I have completed 163 orders in this short time. I found one thing that on every month ending I didn’t get that much order and I found that on every month ending my gig raking drop down though I got mostly 5 stars.

Any one facing the same issues? Please help me with this.



Sales come and go. There is nothing WE can do to improve YOUR sales.

If your sales are down, perhaps now is a good time to market and promote your services to the target customers that need what you have to offer.


I never noticed that until you mentioned it just now, but today --nothing. I will keep an eye on the last two days of each month from now on.


I did analysis of this from my last 3 month analytics report and I found that thing. I will get Get good amount of order from Day 1 to Day 20-24 but after that I get very less inquires and orders. I also notice that between this time my gig which was ranked earlier in top it went down to 2nd page for same search query. I didn’t update any thing. That’s why I raised this question here.



That’s very interesting. I will keep a watch on it.


Okay Please do analysis and give me feedback of that as well.



I am not worried about sales but I have notice this things from my experience and that’s why I would like to get other seller’s view on this.



I love looking into trends like this. I do find that the end of the month businesses are focusing on hitting targets rather than hiring freelancers. Let’s see what the ‘Christmas effect’ brings. I must say I didn’t see much of a slowdown in my sales last year. More of the same? yes please!


I think so you are right on your words about “end of the month businesses are focusing on hitting targets rather than hiring freelancers” New month start hope to get more work this month!!


You can edit your pricing and duration.For advance tips, you can get help of facebook advertising


I don’t think it’s the month ending, I think it’s the weekend. Sales tend to slow on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

There are exceptions, today I got a $50 order and the client wants it done tomorrow. Sometimes on Sunday you might get orders from busy people that didn’t have time before. It’s all a matter of chance in the end.


Hi ethicaldesigner, you are awesome :slight_smile:


Interesting post, Last week of November has been dry, extreme drop in sales


I have already try this thing as well. You can check my gig for that. Duration time is already 1 days in all 4 gig. Now I will try facebook advertising!! Thanks for your suggestion :slight_smile:


Agree with that. Sometime we get big order on weekend as well if you are able to work on weekend.

My main point of discussion is I have analysis on my analytics report of fiverr of last 3 months and found that I get less order in every month ending!!


Thanks for your appreciations!!! :slight_smile:


Do you think it happens because of Christmas is about to come?


If you do deliveries in 3-7 days, you won’t have to work on the weekend.

Besides, right now I’m worried. I raised my prices on my #1 gig and what did I get today? (Monday), 5 messages! No orders, just people messaging me!

When my prices were lower, I was getting more orders than messages. If Higher Prices = More Messages, I might have to rethink my strategy. I know one competitor offers 24/hour delivery for free, and he always has a queue of 5-10.