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Monthly earnings bug


I noticed monthly earnings ( which is shown in the dashboard ) dropped suddenly with no reason 2 times in last 2 months, which is impossible and I contacted customer support and they refreshed it , the amount it dropped was around 100$ one time and 250$ the other time. They said even though it shows a wrong value funds are cleared correctly, But it seems the summation of the completed orders for the month which was obtained by the exported CSV is wrong too. Now im keeping my own records for every order to make sure this works fine.

Does anybody has similar experience ?

P.S - Actually I noticed couple of times , I dont know how many times it really happened


Hey @supuntharaka225 you put me in tension too let me calculate mines.


I don’t really know whether it cleared right cos I never calculated by myself. these two incidents pushed me to do so. Maybe this is just a small bug and everything might be just working fine. I wanted to know if there is anyone else who has same experience


You see? Now everyone will focus on your problem rather than you butting in another, established problem that isn’t like yours. That’s like, a newbie thing to do, you silly TRS!

FWIW, I have done some checks since I noticed the complaints and I have nothing. But maybe now you mentioned it anyone else affected will. My advice? Compile the evidence and send it to CS. This does sound like a chargeback though–did you disable emails from Fiverr?


I already did, I believe the forum is an open place where everyone can discuss issues relater to fiverr, if this is bugging you please stay way from my post.


Then I’d say the same for my inbox. Such a shame you react so badly to helpful posts guiding you towards proper forum etiquette.

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@emmaki do you have a personal grudge over me ? you have put your rebellious comments to all my posts, seriously what is your problem ?


You’re taking this rather personally, old chap. I suggest you read the forum rules. I have offered you nothing but helpful advice and you’re now in a fit of vapors about my rebellion and problem!

Are you sure you discussed your issue with CS in a kind and polite manner?


yes I did, what is the forum rule prevents me from reporting a bug to the community and get feedback from others. I have been in fiverr since 2014 and I know my way around too. It is getting personal since you are trying to ruin every post of mine saying not to wine about my problems since Im a TRS


If you want to pick up a fight go elsewhere, I really want this solved and now the post is ruined thanks to you.


I just told you to make a new post. You were on the verge of spamming all other posts with similar issues. It’s nothing personal, or rebellious. For example, on a post where the seller is complaining about a negative review which is resolved, you post springs up with a new problem. You didn’t read the post–just like a newbie. I even offered you good advice above. You seem to be more focused on how I ruined your post

Take a chill pill, dude.

I don’t believe that you were calm and collected with CS for a minute if your interactions went like this. Also, if you’re gonna wine, dine as well. Alone, it’s just a whine.


Plus–if you had read the other posts that had largely been resolved for a similar issue then we would not be here as you have your answer

So jump off the high horse before it throws you off.


ooh Okay mam thanks for the advice now please stay away.


This is a public forum, dear.


ooh really now look who is talking


It is a public forum, though.


Woohoo TRS versus TRS fight…everybody come, watch! :sunglasses:


Oh, stop writer. That’s very off-topic and you’re spoiling his post. Why not help him out with some sage advice? Tsk, tsk.


seriously enjoy yourself :wink:


OK then. It can’t be a big problem really if you’re just fishing for :frowning: instead of reading advice. On this post and the other (which you spammed)