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Monthly Evaluations - Yes or no?

I know I am not the only one who is having issues with the monthly evaluations. As I’ve said in a previous post I have been a level 0 for the past 3 months, with only being able to sell 7 gigs. Customers keep complaining asking me where my gigs are and I have to tell them about Fiverr’s monthly evaluations.
it sucks because not only does it affect me as a seller (profits cut virtually in half) but my customers are angry too because they are not able to utilize the full potential of my gigs.

The “completed orders” evaluation is trash - how can I avoid cancellation from a customer who buys my gig then immediately changes their mind? Or those buyers who you tell them strictly “no, don’t buy my gig” but buys the gig? And last of all the “abusive” buyers - you know, the ones where you don’t get along with so they buy 10 of your gigs and you have no choice but to cancel them all?

My other two evaluations have been stuck at anywhere from 85-87% for like 3 weeks now. I don’t know ANY other website doing this. I’ve been so infuriated by this stuff it makes me sick.

So I just want to know how everyone feels about this “monthly evaluations” stuff and what your opinion on it is. And possibly get rid of it because I can’t stand it anymore.

  • I like it
  • I don’t like it

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I haven’t felt the brunt of it so far so I’m not voting but I consider you a great psychic so for you to be at a low level means something is off.


I got demoted recently because of a buyer that played me…twice. So, it was totally on me, but it was still enough to pull me away from the website. I do get some people interested in my gigs, but nothing beyond that. I’m just expanding my business to other sites because I can’t wait for Fiverr to realise the flaws in their sh*tty system.


I think that having some sort of an evaluation is important because there are sellers who have different levels that clearly don’t deserve the badge. But, at the same time, I know that there is a lot of room for improvement and a lot could be changed to make this less harmful to the sellers who do deserve the badges but can’t get their %'s up for reasonable reasons.


That’s my experience as well. I am just looking at it though from the point that I’m now able to broaden my horizons.

I’ll be a Level 0 (or is new seller?) evaluations day but I’ve mostly returning clients on top of new ones and orders already secured for the upcoming months (until June). I’m stepping back a little from the platform too but will take an order now and then to not be forgotten.

I’ve been a level 0 for MONTHS. And I’m going to be a level 0 AGAIN in 2 days. It’s ridiculous.

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Can’t you answer messages, even with just a “hi” or something? Just take a few minutes a day to do it. I’m guessing it’s just your response rate that is the problem.

You can’t judge someone’s experience or expertise with a month’s activity. Even some of the systems here are too challenging to go through, for example, look at that completion rate, I’ve been completing orders (maybe 8 - 10 orders) since 15 days but I don’t see any movement on my completion rate, but I remember, when I cancelled 1 order (for buyer’s fault, he ordered something that doesn’t go with my gig’s scope), then my completion rate was dropped by 2% and got a red marked warning that my level is about to be revoked.


The completed orders metric is trash- totally agree with you there. But are you also having issues with delivering orders on time and your response rate?

Those last two are within your control, and, looking at your reviews, it seems like you get a lot of orders (that I imagine would cancel out the cancelled orders). What are you having the most difficulty with?


It’s going to be hard because as you put on, your good ratings drop off too so you remain stagnant unless you take on some more orders than your previous month for your add on to be more than your subtraction (if that makes sense)

Everything lol. It just sucks that for MONTHS I’ve been battling to even get to level 1. I literally went from wanting to be TRS to a level 0.

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hmm, you should evaluate where you are falling short and think up practical ways to getting back your levels. Do you need to increase delivery time? Do you need to download app to your phone so you can answer every message? etc.

There are plenty of advantages and disadvantages.
So I will not vote for the poll for now.

This new policy of fiverr doesn’t’s unacceptable to suffer the punishment of the demotions levels from bad buyers or cancelled orders because they don’t read the gigs or change ideas…I’m thinking to find other marketplaces because it does not make sense to continue with a system completely wrong

This stupid policy is useless and negative for a lot of buyers. Fiverr did a huge mistake implementing the system, they kill their site

I think this is true and some of the pros and cons aren’t even fully realized yet. I would like to see some adjustments to the cancellation issue when the cancellation is not the seller’s fault. I’ve found that I could rewrite portions of my gig descriptions and add better FAQs and avoid even more of the cancellations, though. The number I do get still isn’t enough to bump me below 90% even though I am not a high volume seller. So, I’m open-minded.

As for response rate, I think it’s very fair to expect an answer to messages within 24h even if they are junk. It takes less than a second to hit the canned-reply button and not doing so is just hurting your own rating for no reason.

Delivery time is also almost completely controllable by the seller. I’ve had some that made me feel like an idiot for missing a deadline but they were my fault, even if just barely. Those learning experiences brought me up to 100% and when a real emergency happens and I miss one, I’ll be able to stay above 90%. If I miss two, I’ll probably lose a level for a month and then recover.

The biggest advantages I’ve seen from the monthly evaluations are obvious.

  • There are far fewer leveled sellers in most categories now. As a buyer I find premium sellers more easily. As a seller I was able to raise prices.
  • There are more buyer requests available for me to bid on now if things get slow, even after wading through spam. The buyers in BR still get some junk offers, so I benefit even if I bid late.
  • The level 0 or 1 sellers that stick with their plans still seem to be showing up as the cream at the top in the categories I’ve watched. I’ve seen a number of level 0 and 1 sellers give up and quit because their gig descriptions were written poorly, their profile pics were fake or they were faking locations. Since quitting means they get a few orders and then auto1-star reviews, they drop off the radar and buyers can find the best of the new or recovering lower level sellers.
  • There were a very few TRS (not only that are currently forum active that I can think of) who had been granted their badges when Fiverr was new. Some of them were flying by but actually had really dropped the quality of their services. They seemed untouchable. Some of those are now having to improve or move on. Again - the ones I can think of are not active on the forum, so if you want to know who I mean, you’d have to look at the history, not the forum.

I don’t think the system will have to stay this rough to keep Fiverr good in the long run, but I do see some positive. I know some people will take issue with my comments and I’m not trying to fight, just adding points.

The “Pro” system I have less confidence in. I think without some changes the newer ones may struggle to get enough orders to make it worth it over time. This is a wild guess, though.


At least you have lots of orders in your queue and it looks like you stay busy. That gig of yours is very tempting: Telepathically Read Someones Mind. :busts_in_silhouette:

i wanna see something happen… I was getting nominated for TRS from last 3 times. But they said "They decided to keep my level as 2. Hopefully this coming evaluation… i will get demote at Level 1… I will be very happy :wink:

I absolutely agree with what a lot of people wrote here, I agree with the evaluation but it has to be done completely in another way, absolutely not in the way is done right now, I’m level 0 from months now because i take time to reply to who makes me questions as I’m a professional marketer and I don’t like to give sudden and improvised answer to the customers that makes me specific requests, and then you see arounf a lot of people just replying “hello” to you just to be sure to reply on time and don’t go under 90% when it comes to reply to a buyer, is this normal? I mean, which kind of evaluation is this? we already are full in this website of people that everything but not professional, I also find a person who copied my gig (including forgetting to delete my name on it) and post it has his gig! and then contacting me to ask me for service so that he can resell still on fiverr. Crazy! I don’t understand why is not possible to do a serious evaluation of the seller in this website, it used to be a really good website and I keep write to the customer service every month to asl them to change the evaluation system and to really start to evaluate the sellers even with tests if necessary, but it seems it’s not working at all

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Would you prefer they say “Delivers late” seller or “Poor completion rate” seller?

They have laid out the requirements for the level system. You can either work within them, or ignore them, but to do the latter and complain seems a bit silly.

What are you doing to get your numbers in shape? Besides complaining.