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Monthly income?

Does anyone know if there is an easier way to get or find out your monthly income here n Fiverr?

Best way is to promote your gig in different social medias such as facebook fiverr marketing group. G+ circles…

there is no easy way, fiverrs statistics part is not working perfectly… I would like to have stats how many orders I got per month, how many of them with extras and so on… but it is not there yet, probably in future it will be implemented…

but it is going right direction, it is much better than 2-3 years ago :slight_smile:

Nice but you would thin after 2-3 years it would be there by now…?

I keep a personal spreadsheet with all of that information in it, that I built first by copying and pasting all of my completed orders into the spreadsheet and then formatting it so I can track all that information, from the buyer name, to the kind of gig ordered, to extras ordered, to price, to when the delivery is expected, to when I actually deliver it, when it is completed, and finally, my gross (before Fiverr’s cut) and net (after 20%) earnings.

It might not be the easiest way, but it is the most accurate way for me.

Reply to @emasonwrites: something like that I do also. At the end of a month I put down in excel table for every gig:

views, conversion, orders, extras, etc etc… So then I can compare which gig is not performing good, which extras are better sold and so on… After some analysis you can improve things a lot… In past 2 months I did a lot of changes on my gigs so I improved number of gigs sold per month, people are buying extras more often so practically with something like 20% more sales I doubled my profit!

This helps me a lot! Thanks guys/girls:) I will get on that spreadsheet!