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Monthly Payment to Patreon

For a Gig I plan to offer, I require for a Monthly Payment as I would be creating a discord bot and then put it on a hosting service that has a Monthly Fee. If my customers knew this and were willing to pay this Monthly Fee, since Fiverr does not an option for this, is it allowed for me to Direct my Customers to Patreon where they will pay this fee monthly?

Definitely not I’m afraid. You’re basically asking if you can move customers to pay via a different service - Fiverr would see this as removing business from their website, and you’d be facing an immediate ban.

The transactions have to happen here. Could you not set the bot up on the customer’s own hosting, where they are already paying the bills?

Fiverr doesn’t allow us to offer services that extend beyond 30 days of service duration according to the TOS, so I don’t think this would fly even if you did charge them on Fiverr.

The customer typically wouldn’t have one- but would it be ok to direct them to a service that does host them.

Another situation of this is when I’m setting up a Discord server Instead, and have a bot (like mee6) where you pay a monthly fee for certain extra features. If my customers wanted those features, can I direct them to pay for the service by themselves, and then set up the server with the paid features?

You’ll want to speak to Fiverr Customer Support - ultimately, only they can give you a solid ‘yes’ or ‘no’.