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Monthly Sales Consistent but not Increasing!

Hi Fiverr’ss

Month after month it seems my sales even out consistently (As far as net sales). However I can’t understand why they are not increasing?. It’s almost as if you get throttled depending on how many orders you have. It’s way to much coincidence that it is becoming a predictable outcome.
My popular gigs always rate on the fist page and have maintained 5***** and level 2 status.
So why is it sales do not increase?..It’s a great motivator to see a gradual increase, but I don’t!
Why fix my GIGs if the’re not broken.
So with other factors like , returning customers, increasing top placement, increasing reviews, consistency, popularity - what is going on here? Is it possible Fiverr throttles gigs as a way to share the pie. The stats say this is true.


You should be grateful for its consistency. What I need you need is to broaden your client base. That’s the only way you can earn more.


I agree. There’s much more out there

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Im’ in the same boat.

I’m also seeing many, but really many, veteran sellers complaining about this.

I see fiverr changed a little it’s algorithm.

Now it has more expensive gigs being shown at the top of rankings. I’m 1000% sure fiverr does this to earn more money.

If it’s effective or not, I don’t know. but it’s a cheap strategy for sure


Yes you do, at least in my experience. There is a ceiling that is enforced. It must be a way to spread around the sales among other sellers.

And if I add last months excellent sales with this months it all evens out to that ceiling.

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If your current gigs are steady but you still want to increase overall sales, maybe adding a new one is what you need? If the old ones keep their steam and the new one sells, no matter how little, that will mean an increase :slight_smile:

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I’m right there with you after the last two weeks. After spending six months near the top of the search results, my gigs were suddenly and unexpectedly shoved to the very last page of the search results. I went from getting 2-3 orders per day to nothing for well over a week.

I admit, I was freaking out and kept refreshing Fiverr and searching with different filters and incognito mode trying to figure out what had happened. No matter what I tried, my gig sat dead last in search. This is a very popular gig with over 1,000 completed orders and 500+ 5-star reviews.

Then, over the weekend, I started getting orders again. I searched and found my gig back in its usual spot at or near the top of the search results. I have no explanation for it, but I’m glad that it’s over. That was a very stressful week for me of not getting orders.