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Months without further instructions from problem client; already delivered part of the work

Hi, maybe someone can advise me something … I have a client who placed a large order (in September 2019), of which I have successfully delivered 25% months ago, this are individual works, so he has already enjoyed the benefits of these deliveries. However, despite the insistent kind requests that I have sent him to tell me the instructions required for the next installments, there has been no good communication.

I once requested to extend the delivery period, which was accepted, but I no longer have this option in the Resolution Center, so I have an order marked as extremely late, which seems is affecting my positioning (I have now only a 15% of impressions i had in 6 months ago in this gig, despite it’s well rated [4.7]).

The last time I managed to have communication was 2 months ago, I even suggested canceling the order, and sending him a new one so that he would only pay the 25% that i already delivered, but he asked to continue with the gig, affirming that he would send me the instructions soon, which since then has not done …

I noticed too late (here is a recommendation to check the profile of buyers before) that 33% of his ratings are negative, I do not know if it is even some kind of scam.

I can’t find an option in the resolution center to change (reduce) the price, and I can’t mark the order as delivered either, because I think I can be penalized.

If someone has happened something similar and has solved it, I appreciate any advice, thank you.

Because there is no such option.

To be honest you also misused the system. It is TOS violation to Send incomplete deliveries.

In the future you have to make sure that your client sent you all information in the requirements and start working and delivering only when you have everything you need.

Now you don’t have much of a choice: you have to either keep waiting or cancel that order.

Of course you can resend a 25% offer to your client to pay for your work after cancelling your order but you have very low chances of him paying it taking into account how he behaved so far.

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Thanks for your advice, but im not sure i violate tos, i didn’t mark the order as complete, just send him partial deliveries (URL’s) trough the order… but i guess could be better to use the steps system of fiverr… 2 of the 8 items was delivered, because only have instructions for this 2… :frowning:

Just cancel this order. This order should never have happened in the first place.


Cancel it! … It doesn’t even deserve any discussion. You are wasting your time.

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Thank you guys who suggest me cancel the order… i guess was the right choice… i might lost some bucks, but now have a gig going back to good position. Thanks