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More and More buyers are learning how to get gigs for free

Reply to @mcromano: if the buyer is threatening you with a bad rating you should report him or her to customer service. It’s feedback extortion, plain and simple. If Fiverr let’s buyers get away with this, then buyers can demand just about anything while hanging the threat of negative feedback over our heads.

I’m fairly new to Fiverr. I recently had a situation with a buyer. He made a request for me to copy a website. I told him it was not possible to be exact due to the limitations of the template and platform I was using. He insisted I try, even haggled me on price due the fact I was merely copying another site. I reluctantly accepted the order and spent 12 hours building a brand new site for him. His response was that what I created was not identical to the website he wanted. I felt I had no choice but to cancel the order - in fear of bad reviews (being new). I am suspicious this buyer has been abusing the Fiverr system and making sellers work for free using this tactic. When I logged onto his web account, I noticed there was three other similar websites built by other designers.

Is there any protection at all for sellers? Since there are no rating system for buyers.

steveeyes said: 1. Cancel the order. This is hard to swallow if you already put 2 or 3 hours into it. Your time is wasted and you get no money for it.

In many cases sellers also have to invest their own money to work on a gig (materials, fuel costs etc). So in order to break even on a day you get a cancellation you might have to stay at work waiting for another order, then work a few hours extra that day.
It will also cost some time and money to keep your crawlers or whatever system you have in place to scan the web to make sure your cancelled work is not being used.

Biggest loss i have taken so far was 45 hours of work and 60$ in fuel costs on a single cancelled gig.
As for a buyer reputation system, for this to make any difference there would need to be some incentive for a buyer to keep using the same account. As it is most of the career scammers are just creating new accounts.

What I post in all of my gigs, is to PLEASE IN-BOX me FIRST BEFORE buying, so I know EXACTLY what they want and then IF i AGREE, then they can go and buy the gig, its saves me a LOT of cancelations or modifications

I originally posted this 3 years ago and I got ripped off by Fiverr again.

I’ve been a 5-star seller on Fiverr since 2011. I have almost 400 positive reviews and have been a great member with a great seller reputation. Even with that, Fiverr doesn’t care. If a buyer decides they want a refund (for whatever reason), Fiverr will give it to them. Even AFTER I put in the time, effort and delivered the service; the buyer gets to keep it and get a refund; no questions asked.

This totally screws over loyal sellers like me. I’ve had this happen to me three times in the six years I’ve been a seller. This last time was the last straw. The sellers are the backbone of this web portal and they’re treated like crap. Buyers have the priority because they bring in the cash flow. Fiverr’s own discussion forums are full of the same complaints as this one.

If you are a seller or are considering to be one, be aware that you will do work and not get paid for it and there’s nothing you can do. All that needs to happen is a buyer decides they want something and not pay for it. Fiverr definitely needs a new system to prevent this from happening.

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Is it a coincidence that after my comments and post (from Jul '17); my Fiverr gigs have gone down by 90%? Is it a coincidence that two of my most popular gigs (with 100% ratings) have been removed by Fiverr, with a response “we can’t say why we did it”. Is it coincidental that my account has been dropped to a level one?

I should have kept my big mouth shut :wink:

Yes, it probably is a coincidence.
If your 2 main gigs were removed then I presume that’s why your sales declined. What type of gigs were they?

I’ve never had fiverr give any of my clients a refund. I’ve been here five years. I’m sorry things have been difficult for you. Maybe you could try making more gigs. You can probably do well if you create more gigs.

I believe one of them was one of those “I will advertise your business to 350,000 people” gigs that have been on the decline lately.

But I agree, I am 100% sure that it was a coincidence. I highly doubt the higher ups at Fiverr are smiting randy’s on the forum because they disagreed with them. Otherwise we’d all be booted

Yes that was the gig. That gig was running since 2014 with hundreds of buyers and 100% reviews. We created the ad, posted it and allowed clients to continue posting for 5 bucks. All of a sudden (after June 2017 ranting pot post) Fiverr stopped it.

I doubt they would wait for months if that was the case.

Wait, so this happened almost a year ago and it took you until now to complain about it?

That rant was in July 2017 and this is April 2018 so I’m a little confused.

For those ‘confused’ about the timeline. I’m not just now ‘complaining’ about something that happened back in June. I’m following up on my original post with a series of actions that has happened to my account. Those actions started with the removal of that particular gig. Then recently continued with another gig removed, gig orders drastically dropped, then my account being dropped to a level one.

What were the titles of the gigs that were dropped, so maybe we can figure it out?

  1. Your gig was removed most likely for a legitimate reason.
  2. Gig orders dropped because your most popular gigs were removed.
  3. Your account was dropped to a level 1, which could be due to account violations, high cancellations, low reviews, etc

No cancellations, no low reviews, no violations. Account still at 4.98 positive with 398 reviews. The purpose of this post was not to try to figure out why this happened. I’m beyond that. It was just a follow up of my original posts.

Yeah, I think we all know about your conspiracy that Fiverr is after you. But we are talking about the last 60 days, not all time. If they removed your gig, it was due to a reason. If they lowered you to a level 1, it was because of one of the above. They don’t do this for no reason, and if they do, contact them and complain.

I highly doubt they just demoted you just cause.

That was just a complaint about having customer support give refunds to buyers.

We can go on and on. I’m not new to Fivver. Been a seller since 2011. Everything you’re saying; been there done that. You’re saying things I already know. I’ve been round and round with them regarding this issue. If you think I’m making this up, look at this 36%20PM