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More bad updates

I’m not liking the new emails we get when someone orders. Before they had the person’s user name in the subject line, which made the emails easier to organize. Now all the emails have the same subject, so for people like me who use Gmail it combines all the emails into one. I’d rather have them spread out.

Secondly, I don’t like the drop down menu that comes up when you click on the Messages icon. I’d rather just go to the page because it shows the messages more clearly.

That is my rant. The end.

I was up in arms about the change to the inbox menu as well–I like to right click and open in a new tab and it doesn’t do that anymore. HOWEVER! I put my pitchfork away when I discovered that the revamp also featured a “mark as read” feature (just click on the little blue envelope thing). Given that 99% of the time I was just going to do that anyway, I am content with this fix. I like to go through my messages twice a day. I don’t want the pink dot begging me for attention.

I haven’t noticed any changes to the orders. Mine say “Congrats! You have a new order from qwerty!”. What do yours now read?

Now it just says, “Great news: You’ve received on order.” And I agree. I don’t like it either.
And if someone updates the order, it just says “You’ve received a message regarding an order” … No username in either of the two email headers.

Whyyy Fiverr Whyyy???

The change of the wording in the email subject lines is really weird to me. Like, why bother changing something like that? And why, out of everything, change it so that the buyer’s username is not in the subject line of the email? Like…that seems to me like a suggestion that when brought up in a meeting, someone would say, “Why would we do that? Isn’t it providing our sellers with less information? What would be the benefit of spending time (and therefore money) to make a change that makes the lives of our sellers just a little bit harder?” I have thought about it a lot as I’ve seen emails roll in over the last two days because it just seems so nonsensical. Why make /that/ change? Why do it now? What the heck? What does it meeaannnn!?

I agree. Why?
And the inbox change, why? I have the pink ball on all the time so I can’t tell when I get a new message since even if I do not get a new message it is on.
I rely on my inbox to help people decide what to order.

Now I have to check it constantly by looking into it to see if I have a new message.
And I have to scan down all the messages to see if they say “ME” at the left of them to see if I have answered them all. That’s the only way I can tell.

Why all these changes just for the sake of changes that really make things harder?

I agree with all above, but I have to add that my emails don’t stack properly after update. Now each mail from same person is presented separately, while before it was like regular mail exchange where all emails were connected for easier reading. And if some buyer likes to send a lot of short messages like he’s on chat my inbox looks like spam folder. :frowning:

Am I the only person who hasn’t got this (annoying-sounding) email update?

Oh, I get you with the me thing. Would it be better for you if the “me” replies were highlighted with a different color? Or, like, you know those colored blobs you can use (I don’t), those could be integrated too. Then it would become a riotously ugly fiesta of color. Even better, why not add in a noise like, I don’t know, ICQ’s uh-oh! one?

the irritating noise in question:

Fiverr plz hire me to help you with UI upgrades, I have lots of ideas that people will hate!

And to only see 7 messages in the inbox at one time? It seems like whoever decided to do this is far removed from the actual necessity of using it constantly.

This messaging system now looks more like Facebook one. You can still click on inbox there and it will get you back to whole inbox, but I don’t like it at all. Especially new emails now.

Like misscrystal said, you can only see 7 messages at one time, what would happen if you have more then 7 messages that you didn’t answered… Really weird update

I get 7 messages in 15 minutes so I expect to be ignoring a LOT of messages now because they don’t show.

It seems that most new changes are detrimental.

Doesn’t “View Inbox” display a threaded list as previously?

It does when it works and you have to click it every time to see it. Mine stopped working for a short while. I would like to set mine to permanently stay there.

It’s just one more thing you have to click to get to the main inbox. Before you only had to click on the icon once and it would bring you there. That is the way it should have stayed.

I know what you mean. They made it more difficult for sellers now. It is more or less “ok” for sellers that don’t get many messages, but when you get a lot of them, that is the problem.

Weird that they are changing something that worked, and never change something that didn’t work.

I am less than thrilled about this email change. All my orders are now lumped together in one message when they come in on the same day. My system off of Fiverr on how I handle orders is now thrown out the window and in the trash. Why does Fiverr insist on fixing things that are not broken?

How about fixing the issue where a client and I can only see each other’s messages in email and not in the Fiverr inbox? Why not fix the problems that actually NEED fixing rather than tinkering with something that already worked?! I mean really? Who is running this horse and pony show?