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More choice and variety of prices for extras!

I would love to have twice as many choices for prices for gig extras.
Such as:


More choices for sellers means more choices for buyers. I also would like a few more spaces for more extras. It can be a huge benefit for both sellers and buyers to give more options.

It would be best if they just make extras values increasing by $5. So we can choose from dropdown any value, 5,10,15,20,25,30 etc…

I would love to see this.

how about an option to enter our (seller) own amount? That would simplify things.

The thing with this is, though, because of the nature of Fiverr and the way it’s platform works, any prices need to be in $5 multiples. That makes it easy for Fiverr to retain their 20% fee from every sale. 20% of $5 is $1. The same applies for any higher price that is a base multiple of $5.

Besides, Fiverr is derived from the reference to “a fiver”, meaning, a $5 bill.