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More communication? How much more?

First this guy gives me a 1.5 star review on the TV script I gave him, then he writes me a message:

"I dont think this project is going to work for us. I think more communication should have been asked by the provider the writer. We gave some information but I feel several questions should have been asked.

This is a miss for us.'

Really? Then why the did you write a review instead of asking for a modification? And why should I ask several questions when I knew what I had to do? Am I suppose to ask questions for the sake of asking questions? Just to show I’m interested? That’s ridiculous.

Ahh that sounds like a nightmare buyer that you unfortunately came in contact with. If it was a $5 gig, you’re probably best off by offering a refund. If it was more and you don’t want to cancel, it’s worth it to swallow your pride and send a nice message explaining how customer satisfaction is important to you, asking what you can do for a better review.

Being a writer as well, I can completely relate to your problem. Usually buyers provide enough info that questions are not needed! What a shame.

How dare you not magically know that there was more information they wanted to tell you!

In all seriousness, I don’t understand how some people formulate their opinions or if some people just like to be mad, so they’ll find any little thing to pick at, including something that could never realistically be considered your fault. I used to work with this woman who would say stuff like that all the time: “Why didn’t you include this link? Why didn’t you ask if there were any other instructions?” Because I (perhaps stupidly) assumed that if there was something you wanted/needed me to do…you would tell me. Not a mind reader, sorry (but I’m actually not sorry at all, I just know that there’s the possibility Fiverr will get on my butt if I’m not perfectly polite all the time).

Reply to @alliemadison12: It was a $5 gig, and I will offer a refund, that will remove the review but it won’t improve the rating. The irony was that the seller provided so much information the commercial practically wrote itself.

Reply to @emasonwrites: Some buyers are too confusing, there was a woman who had ordered from me in the past, so she makes another order and includes two documents. I assumed she wanted an e-mail done, but then she tells me, “I only showed you the e-mail I wrote to see where I’m at, I want you to edit the price list.” That’s when I hit resolution center, I’m not working twice for $5.

$5 gigs are the worse…never seem to be satisfied.