More Cosplay options, more helpful?


I have a pretty successful cosplay gig

And ive been working really hard to improve my cosplays and add more to my roster. By adding more cosplays to my closet i have hoped to get more sales, but i have yet to experience this really.

should i add more? maybe some classic cosplays, like sailor fuku, or a cafe maid.


You could always consider some search engine optimization gigs that people offer on here or get someone to do keyword research for you in relation to popular cosplay keyword phrases on search engines. Although your gig may be pretty good, if people are having a hard time finding you in the first place, that can effect sales also.



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I’m new to fiverr, but from a business standpoint, you want your cosplays to pay for themselves. So, I wouldn’t expand too fast or you will be losing money. (Unless you are dying to get something and want it anyway).

Looking at your gig and level, you do have extras at your disposal. Now I don’t know how much your various cosplays cost, but you could always try an expensive extra for a custom cosplay?

I feel like the people that purchase your gig aren’t necessarily too focused on your exact look. If they come to your page looking for your service, they’ll probably buy it. I doubt they’ll go elsewhere just because you don’t have the exact cosplay they are looking for. As for the picky people that actually may decide against you, the odds of having the exact look they want is slim, so the only thing I can think of again is a custom extra.

Make sure you’re getting the word out as well. I feel like most people that come to your gig from fiverr saw the thumbnail and just wanted to see more, with no intention of purchasing anyway. I know that’s how I first got there =).