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More expansive Rating system for sellers to rate buyers

We as sellers can only have one option, rate the stars. Buyers can rate us on 3 different levels but we can only rate them in one general level. I am suggesting to give the sellers more options to rate the buyers such as communication, properly provided all required details, and possibly a 3rd option being ‘would like to work with this buyer again’. We get 4.5 stars but have to choose to either rate the buyer 4 stars or 5. ?


DTong (TRS)

For now, rating a buyer has no effect for sellers, since these reviews don’t appear in their profile. i think we should first claim to be able to see the reviews on buyers profiles

@imadou However, they do show on our gig pages for other buyers to see and could increase the quality of buyers as well by educating them to pay more attention to detail, communicate better, and help the process of the transaction go smoother and at a higher level of efficiency. Buyers will be more inclined to read the instructions more thoroughly, respond faster themselves, and be more involved with the Fiverr community. Over 30% of buyers don’t even rate and I feel this would lower that percentage as well.
If a buyer can find a reason to dock me .5 stars for whatever reason I can’t see or know, then I’m sure I could find the same in their part of the execution as well. :slight_smile: