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More Favourites ! Means More BackLinks! What you think!

Hi Guys , I Think I am Right with this!

I am going to Talk about the HEART icon in Fiverr Gig (top Right)

Some Gig Has Over 2000+ Ratings But Not Have even 1000 Favorites !

Ex- Gig Has 2345 Reviews But Favourites 1298, ! in this case 1298 buyers save this gig as their favourte one !

Also One Buyer Can Buy More gigs ,and Give More Ratings, But One Buyer Can Ony One Chanse To Add A gig as a Favorites , So That Number Means , How many return customers! ( Nearly)

So I am trying to tell If you got More Favorites it means More Backlink !! So It will help you to stabilize your Gig position on top,!!

What You guys Think ?


Right thinking

Well your logical reasoning is acceptable, however i don’t think that “Gig Favorites” has anything to do with backlinks. Based on my understanding, backlink is when one source (article, app, or image) links with another source within the same territory (website) or far away (another website). In fact, the linking should be accessible to other users.
For instance, if you publish an article in the forum and it appears on search engines, anyone who read the article can click on your username and go to your profile page. However, as far as gig favorites is concerned, you’re the only one that can see the gigs you marked as favorites, which means that your “favorites” doesn’t help other users in any ways. Gig favorites are similar to adding items into your cart so that you can easily access it any time.

Collections are public but there are no links to them anymore.

Yeh ! Ur Right BudDy!!, How Ever , in this method, Buyers Can Identify Good and Quality Gigs, Because some Buyes never rate Gigs after complete :slight_smile:
Can you tell me where i can make good backlinks , and How ?

How Can i make easy backlinks , What are the goods sites that i can make niche related backlinks ?

I do not think that favorites do anything to boost you in that area. I think they are useful for only one thing. if you want to essentially “bookmark” a gig to buy later favorites are good for that. If you want to group them into Collections so you can find graphics gigs in one collection and holiday gigs in another, they are good for that.

I’ve seen gigs up high in search with few favorites and someplace in the middle of search with tons of favorites. I’ve also seen people try favorite trading on the forum (which is not allowed) and no evidence that it helped them. The theory is good, but the reality probably doesn’t match.

Any Good Way to make easy Backlinks ?

Thank you for share your opinion.

The best way I know of is the “old school” method. It’s not fast and I’m not sure it’s that easy, but fast and easy don’t usually convert to sales.

The best way I know of to boost a page is to find good niche forums/pages/sites/Q&A and start out without even attempting to promote yourself. Start out by answering other people’s posts or questions or providing solid tips for them. Once you have a trusted history, some of those stie types will allow you to add related links to your posts.

(Some sites do not allow promotion at all, or only in limited ways. Fiverr allows promotion, but only in the My Fiverr Gigs forum category.)

Thank you for letting us know

I can help you with GSA or SENuke backlinks

From backlinks, he didn’t mean SEO backlinks. Thats totally different things. From backlinks, he do mean “Repeat Customers”

Did you mean other users have access to your favorite gigs? If yes, please share the screenshot of my gig and the people who added it as favorites. Based on my experience, you can only see the number of favorites, which is not clickable whatsoever.

I agree with you that buyers can use it to judge the quality of gigs. However, it is not the best method to access gigs quality. Some sellers trade/exchange favorites, as well as reviews.

I mean they are not private, you can view the collections of others as long as you know the username and the collection name. In terms of seo they have no value though as google won’t pick up your collection unless you link to it somewhere. Atm google has only indexed 1820 collections

To see what collections google has indexed just use
If you want to see who collected your gig then use. “your gig title”