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More favourites than reviews on a gig!


Do you get suspicious when you see a gig with more hearts/favourites than the gig reviews? Or when there are no reviews on the gig but there are many hearts on it?

When I see such a gig, I think:
Fraud spotted! But maybe he/she did this before they got sensible enough that this was wrong and now they can’t undo this.

What do you think when you see such a gig?


I never look at the number of favourites, so it doesn’t bother me! :slight_smile:

Not quite sure how an unexpectedly high number could be seen as fraud though, as the number of favourites has no bearing on search placement etc.?

Edited to add - all my gigs have had more favourites than reviews - still don’t see a problem - isn’t it a bit like window shopping?


I used to hear that it does affect search placement. Therefore, people used means to get maximum favourites.


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I thought Fiverr removed the favorites feature… anyway, here’s some food for thought: I’ve had plenty of potential buyers who contacted me via Inbox, asking for help, and after explaining my services they would say something along the lines “awesome, I have added you to my favorites and I’ll use your service when the time comes” :wink:

So there are people who browse gigs, find something they might be interested in later or in the future, and they favorite it. Isn’t this the purpose of this feature after all? :thinking:


Window shopping? That has added to my perspective.

But the cases I know, people favourite their own gigs multiple times and have 2000+ favourites for like 200+ reviews.


But you can only favourite your own gig once, not multiple times.

Edited to add: if you’re being honest, playing the game and not being a scam artist apparently! :slight_smile:


No, you can do it multiple times. There is a specific way to do it, but it can be done multiple times.


I think you can if you know how to hide your ip address… or use some mass-proxy bot


There are some sites where people exchange “favourite” clicks in order to apparently get a better position in the search.
My own experience: I’ve noticed my Gig changed positions when someone liked it and moved up… also when I haven’t delivered anything or having any positive review.
There are many who do as @Woofy31 says, just add you to the favourites because they liked your work and probably would order form you in future.


See i wouldn’t know how to do that! But why bother if it doesn’t make any difference to the search etc. - do people not have better things to do with their time? :slight_smile:


Here’s the thing: just how there are people who want to get all badges from the forum to simply impress, there are also people who want to get the highest amount of favorites just to impress. #bored_people :bear:

@wuerz123 And you changed your pic… are you testing our reactions before picking the right one? Or are you using some app that changes your pic every hour?


[spoiler]No, you have to refresh you gig URL and favourite it again just before the previous favourite is updated (showing that you have already favourited it).

This is how I know this is done. :D[/spoiler]


Good point @Woofy31 - i’d forgotten to include ‘human nature’ in my thinking! :wink:


I had a muscle twitch that almost made me Like that post, but I changed my mind as it would look bad :smiley:


HAHAHA. (20 characters)


@offlinehelpers Speaking of human nature, OCD and bored people - I’ve got 30 nice reply badges and need 3 more to match the number with my age :joy:


I’m just teasing duh, not many girls can be proud of having a pretty sister :innocent:


I’m fairly certain that favorites have nothing to do with the search results, because, it if they did, that would be something people could easily use to manipulate the search results. Fiverr isn’t going to calculate something that could be so easily and nefariously misused.