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More files than allowed to Deliver. What now?

I have 3 logos, each one has 8 files - PNG transparent and rasterized, mock-ups, animations, business card, etc. Am I allowed to archive them?

Yes, of course you can create an archive. That’s the idea way to share them.

Great, thank you! It will be easier for the client as well, because I have them in folders :slight_smile:

Archives are great. Sometimes, even that isn’t enough though, because the file size is bigger than what Fiverr allows. Then - you can always use a cloud storage service, like Google Drive to deliver files.

I will focus on logos right now, it seems like this is my best seller, so I will not do 3D animations to deliver more than 1GB unless the logo gig gets sick :stuck_out_tongue:

Compressing them into a zip file would work, too. I’ve had to do that before.

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What is an archive? How do you make one? Is it a folder you make and send them using the delivery button?

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