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More gigs in 1 catagory?

Hi, How are you? I have a question in my mind. Can I create multiple gigs under 1 category?

Suppose: I have a gig of social media design. In this gig, I provide all the social media designs. Now I want to create another gig on just header/banner. Can I create or the new gig will be denied?

Thank you for your help in advance!



You can create multiple gigs in one (sub)category.

You are not allowed to create 2 or more gigs for the exact same service (e.g. “I will do social media design” and “I will do design for social media”) :sunny:


Thanks you so much odal456

I have a gig called “social media design” and now I can also create a gig named " banner/header". Am I right?

Yes, you’re absolutely right! :sunny:

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yes you can, but remember that the service categories should not be same.