More Gigs = More sale?


more gigs = more sale??

Or any other secret to earn money from fiverr


i dont think so


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How much gig I need to post to get 5-7 sales per day…


1 Best Gig That Describes Your Job Perfectly If Your Product Worth U Will Get Orders


It depends. 1 good gig can get 5-7 sales per day. 10 poor quality gigs will get 0 sales per day. Try to offer in demand services, but do not duplicate gigs, and ensure that they all are high quality.


It also takes a bit to build up a customer base. If your gig is well described you’ll get a few orders even as a newbie. As your level increases and you get feedback on your gig then you will notice the number of orders for that gig will increase. EX the one I created 14 days ago as part of my expansion of my Fiverr Gigs (I now have 9 of them, each is well thought out.) It has been averaging 2-3 orders a day and I was only level 1 when I launched it. When I became level 2 it became busier.


After 2 month. I feel 1 Gig with unique idea is better then 1000s duplicate and poor gigs


Reply to @glowindia: Exactly!! You are doing Great Job. Keep it up!! :wink:


Reply to @samix1990: Thanks you sir,

You are also doing awesome job.


1 high quality gig will get good sales. aim for at least 3 or 4 quality gigs. remember that just because someone else does the service doesn’t mean you can’t too… sooner or later they will take a break, get overwhelmed with gigs, or there will be a higher demand than usual, always have multiple gigs ready.


Quality does not equal quantity my friend :wink:


That was a good question and thank you for the ones that explained something about this. I made multiple gigs as they are all different from each other :slight_smile:

I felt that this way the buyer gets to select what they need the most from me :slight_smile:


I think you should focus on 2 or 3 gigs at the start. Maybe expand when you start getting sales. One thing that works here is replacing old gigs with new ones. Simply delete the one that is not getting sales. Find a better idea maybe. You can also discuss about this with a buyer. I discussed this once with someone, who gave me an awesome idea and asked me to make a gig on it after that. Lol, thats my best gig now… i deleted all the useless ones.

So, i would suggest that you focus on 2-3 gigs. Add proper videos, keywords, HD images… etc