More GIGS? or Just perfect the few you have?


I looked at some top sellers page and I notice that they do not have much gigs. Does this mean you do not have to make a lot of gigs to make money? But shouldn’t the seller try to reach as much audience as possible?

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Thanks for the advice guys. I will definitely try to improve the ones I have so far. I have about 13 gigs…anyone care to visit my page and give comments on the gigs


Hi There,

Agreed with experts, But i think it’s better to few more gigs in your expert area. That can grab more attention of buyers isn’t it ?



You will see MANY newbies start out with 15 gigs, and 2 months later still have no sales.

Fiverr works best when a Seller offers 1,2 or 3 gigs that they are good at and can over-deliver on, and add extras too.

Fiverr gigs are not “set it and forget it”. Each gig needs to be developed, researched, tested and tweaked to find the right combination of tags, keywords and salesmanship.

Your gigs range from doing my homework, to sending me a magic trick, to posting a review on Amazon.

Putting up 15 random gigs is ineffective from a marketing standpoint. It dilutes your presence on Fiverr, can have a negative impact on how Buyers perceive you and does nothing to create a feeling of trust that any of the gigs are of great value.

Good luck! :slight_smile:



Very well said, thanks. I have made about 3 sales, so therefore I am going to keep those gigs plus my reggae gig because I love reggae:) And I will be sure to work on improving them.

Thanks again guys and I wish u all the best :wink:


It depends what you offer, really.

What you should have is 1 to 3 MAIN ones, but then break-downs of those main ones for extra profit margin.

Before expanding, make one and get it going first. What I do is from the main one someone orders, entice them to order the full extras, and then when they’re done, I can offer further services such as various back-link building, content writing(or SEO if they order the content writing), and more.


Hi, all. I am new on Fiverr. I am having an issue with a lack of sales as in zero. I have two gigs up. I don’t know what the problem is.