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More great Service...NOT

So I suspended a gig as I was away for 2 days, come back to find 5 orders waiting for me. All now showing up late. Cancelled all five. Contacted fiverr and explained I put holiday mode on, but still received five orders. After a week wait received this :

Hi there,

I apologize, we are unable to change the cancellation ratio for your gigs. We do hope to be able to offer a system in the future that will allow sellers to approve orders and prevent unwanted cancellations.



Well that is soooooo helpful.


Did you check when you clicked “suspend gig”, that it went through and was actually suspended? Because I’ve suspended gigs quite a few times and have never had one show up as “live” and therefore able to take orders. I’ve read that there are issues with the Vacation Mode, but never heard of problems with suspended gigs. Or maybe the orders were placed before you suspended the gigs, as sometimes there’s a delay while buyers need to do something to fulfill your instructions. Did you check that you had no orders before you went away on your sales page( Priority, New and Active), not just your To Do page? Next time you may want to extend the time on your gigs before going away, in case it happens again.

This doesn’t really have much to do with your vacation mode rant, but I wanted to add my $0.02 on Fiverr’s customer support.

…and you’re right, that wasn’t a very helpful response.

Fiverr is trying to be smart and use pre-scripted responses and pre-made solutions. They don’t read replies and just spit out more pre-scripted responses. I’ve had to state several times my issue and the steps i’ve already taken to try and resolve it. Fiverr support will then ask me to do something I’ve already done, and noted, in my support ticket responses.

Is Fiverr support in India? Some of their responses have absolutely nothing to do with the previous message in the support ticket. Baffling…

As an example:

ME: I have tried to access my gig page on a desktop, laptop, iphone and

ipad without success.

SUPPORT: Thank you for geting back to us. Have you tried accessing the 'Edit Gig " page using another device? Also, did you try running Backup Restore to see if that helps?

Yes, she recommended I backup/restore my entire computer just because I cannot access my Fiverr gig page.

Scary stuff!

Reply to @bambisnightmare: I agree, a lot of responses seem to come from templates. Be persistent, and eventually they’ll realise you won’t go away and offer a human approach. Remember, customer support is made up of around 5-6 staff (that I know of), and they have to respond to probably thousands of support requests each day.

They’re under-staffed and under-equipped, but still do a good job nonetheless.

That explains it. I had one person who was handling my ticket. She asked questions that didn’t seem to relate to the problem. Worse, she tried to fix something and caused more problems. Ugh!.. You are right. Now when I submit a ticket I’m a little scared.

Yes it was on I triple checked!

Serious- the customer service is one of the worst I have ever encountered,

Basically, I think the consensus is to just never, ever use vacation mode. It is extremely buggy. If you’re going on vacation (or just trying to catch up on orders), simply suspending your gigs (or posting notice and extending your delivery times), is the best way to go. CS has been particularly unhelpful when it comes to this vacation mode bug.