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    Which is more important for a Gig actually?

CLICKS Most important


Can you tell me why? @rbraihan

When a buyer comes to buy a gig, when he is most interested to buy a gig, he clicks and goes inside@ aminulawedesign

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The most important is CONVERSION RATE

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Though you said out of the topic, I have found that you gave me a important information. Thanks, @xuntes :slightly_smiling_face:

I mean that none of these are important without selling.

you can have millions of impressions, thousands of clicks and views, but these will have no importance if a seller have no orders.

The conversion rate shows you how your performance is.

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Now my gig has almost 400 views. But I did not get any order. So if I get my first order after these so many views I think my conversion rate will fall, right?
That’s why I have a question that when this conversion rate start actually-
After I get the first order and they will measure with new views which I will get after my first order? Or
They will measure my conversion rate with my past views immediately? @xuntes

Please know, like I said, none of these stats matter without orders.

You can have the conversion rate falling or growing, but what matters are the orders.

Conversion rate is an index to show you hot you gig is performing. It’s about how many buyer entered in your gig and bought it… If you change your gig and see this conversion rate growing, you can have the idea this change was good, and vice-versa.

I’m sorry but i dont understand. You conversion rate of the day is based on how many people entered in your gig VS. those who bought it.

anyway, I’ll repeat. All these stats have no mean without orders

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Yeah, I know what conversion rate means. But I think you didn’t understand my question. It’s all right. Thanks for your advice. I really appreciate that. :slightly_smiling_face: @xuntes