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More likely to tip for smaller gigs?


I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon.

This year, I paused all my time-eating gigs. You know the ones - you quote for 4 hours work for $100 and it turns into 2 days work for $100. I stopped them because the time I spent on them was unpredictable and my hourly rate was appalling once you added in all the time taken to get the requirements down pat, then answering questions on the delivery. It was thankless and stressful to be honest.

This year, I’m focussing on work I can quantify: short, sharp, sweet deliveries. Place order-do work-deliver. Bang. Done.

And what I’ve noticed is that I’m getting a lot more tips. I love tips, but I never mention them or push for them or hint to buyers that they should leave one. Buyers on bigger projects, those time-eaters, rarely leave tips. I guess they figure it’s cost them so much already. But people paying $5, and have me throw in an extra improvement or something I noticed that took me 5 minutes maybe on top of their gig, are happy to leave a tip. Maybe it’s only another $5 but still.

In summary, my advice is chunk your gigs up smaller, not make them bigger. The hourly rate is a lot better.

TIPS left for small gigs, more than large gigs?

I’ve had a hard time noticing the pattern of tips in my gigs. The best selling gig I have is my telepathy gig and I’ve been getting a ton of tips and gig extras through that gigs in particular.


I can relate to that, most of my tips come from $5 orders. The quality of the work always makes the buyer to tip even 8 times the total cost of the Logo


interesting to see a correlation between more tips on less expensive gigs. I find I’ve been tipped on orders big and small, however I only seem to get a tip when I really out-do and over deliver. I find I can only do this when the content suits me personally (voiceovers) and the script is written well, and I really take it on and bring it to life.
However, I’ve found I’ve wasted so much effort going way beyond what was needed for a 5.00 order to impress them in hopes of repeat business, referrals, tips etc, that I just stopped going above and beyond, and just delivering exactly what was needed.
So for me, tips only seem to come when the content matches my voice/personality the most, and I am able to really bring it to life.

sort of off topic, but I recently switched to packages on my main gig to try it out, and orders have slowed waaaay down. so thus, tips slowing waaay down too. I’m a little disheartened by it given how much people have had good experiences, but I think it’s just not for me.


One of the reason is that if a seller does the job for $10 and it’s clear that they went an extra mile, then it’s likely to get a tip. I’ve tipped sellers myself because I felt bad for paying only $5 for an awesome service :slight_smile:
However, if you’re charging $100 for something, then it’s not so easy to impress the customer because often they think that they are already paying enough.


I don’t know, when it comes to tips it is SO random.
Sometimes I get big tips for a big gig, big tips for small gigs, and then basic and small, but
still pleasant tips. Not sure what controls the flow!!

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Interesting observation. I find that tips come when buyers seem to have had very low expectations for what they would get from Fiverr or they had a smaller vision of what to expect, and I over delivered on that faster than expected. So, high quality seems to get tips. I do not find $5 gigs getting tipped.



The reason smaller amounts get more tips, because the buyer most probably has a higher budget associated for that gig, but since they get it at a lower price and see the end product in fact is of quality, they then include the total ACTUAL budget as tip to the gig.


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This is what I think. They thought they’d have to pay $10 so if they get quality work for $5 & then they get a little unexpected extra too, it’s much easier for them to want to pay the extra $5.


Yes, Ditto…


that’s was my thought when i started today but to get your first orders you need to decrease your time rate to nearly nothing


I had a look at your packages because as you say, others (including my) experience is different. I got a bit confused by the word count options in the gig description. Does that mean no-one can directly order your packages but they have to get a custom quote? Are there any words included in the packages? I don’t know if people aren’t ordering your packages because they’re confused or not but could you have Basic includes up to 75 words, standard includes up to 100 words etc. then have an extra for each additional 75 words (make the number of words in the extra the same across all packages)?
Also is “5.00”=$5?


Since we’re on the topic, question in regards to gratuity.

Let’s say I accept a gig. 29 days later, I have some money laying around, so I decide to go back and give a tip, does that affect your withdrawal date? Would it be better if I were to just buy another gig and say this is your tip?

I would really, really like to know.


Hm, good question, but the option exists for 7 days only apparently, so I guess that´s to get it in line with the 14/7 days we have to wait for our revenue anyway:

The tip option will stay open for seven days after the order is complete.

The tip will clear at the same time of the order. Also, if an order is cancelled, the tip will be cancelled.


Shucks! I thought I had 29 days. :pensive:


I see where you’re coming from. At the bottom of each package there is a space for you to enter your word count, and if you put your cursor there it has info about how many words are included.
Perhaps it’s too confusing to re-iterate in the description about the pricing, and just let people look at the package instead? That’s why I have the ‘(please enter in your total word count when ordering for accurate price calculation)’ blurb.
And yes, 5.00 was $5. I thought it was clearer with the former, but maybe that’s just me, I’d be open to changing it to just the $ sign