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MORE Newbie Frustration

I just posted a request and was limited to 120 characters. REALLY? How much detail can I possibly add in such limited space. That’s going to cause a lot of back/forth with a potential hire or my scouring all the posts to find what I am looking for. This is such a cool site and obviously used by thousands, but I couldn’t be more frustrated right now.


Hi there, Felicia!

The number of buyer requests at any given time varies widely. Sometimes there are many dozens in one day! The point of the buyer request is to open a channel between you & sellers who might have what you need. In order to accommodate the times when there are lots of requests, I suppose a figure had to be chosen so everyone can have a chance to have their request show up on the first page, which most people view, rather than scrolling to new pages which is less likely to happen. Similarly, sellers are restricted to 80 characters in the gig titles. This forces all of us to think carefully about what we want to say, and to say it as concisely as possible.

Put your request in the simplest, broadest terms possible. That way a wider range of sellers will wish to offer their services. You only need to contact those sellers you want, and you can discuss your needs further so you’ll be satisfied with what service or item you end up ordering (if you do so!)

Peace, Nancy

Thanks, Nancy. My request is posted. Do I need to check back for responses, or are they emailed to me directly?


I’m having the same frustration as Felicia. I’ve been using Elance for the past 2 years and I find if I don’t provide at least 500 characters in the job description, I get spammed by anyone with a pulse who wants to take on the job. I just read in the Fiverr forum that I should use the full 1,200 characters for the “detailed” job description, which makes me think I’m missing something. If so, it’s not clear how to use Fiverr.

Felicia was asking about “Buyer Requests”, which allows only 120 characters for buyers to post what job they are looking to have done by potential sellers. I don’t believe 1200 characters is correct and don’t know what is meant by “detailed” job description; there is only one box to post requests. Could the person writing that have been talking about “gig descriptions”? That has up to 1200 characters; it is the description written by a seller to explain their gig.