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More of a question than a rant

Newbie buyer here.
Is it common practice for sellers to send you a blank jpg file and tell you they are still working on your order?
Does this happen so they can show they have fulfilled the order in the agreed 3 day turn around?
If so it ruddy well sucks. If you don’t fulfill your order in the agreed time, don’t try and BS to claim that you did.
My order status shows as delivered but I don’t have my order. I’ve messaged the guy but he’s gone dark. What do I do now? I don’t mind giving him a little extra time but I’m worried that my payment will go through and I’ll still be without my order. Booo person in question!

Some do this to buy themselves time, as you questioned. It does suck.

You can (and should) request a modification. If you leave it three days it will auto complete. When you request modification, the seller will be alerted that you didn’t accept the delivery and he will likely respond to you then.

I would write to customer support for a refund.

As others have said, never accept such a delivery. Immediately reject the delivery and send it back to the buyer. This will start the clock running again, and if they do it a second time insisting that you play along with them, then you should take them to customer support.

The other reason you should refuse to accept empty deliveries like this is because Fiverr’s automated systems can’t tell the difference between, “Here, accept this empty delivery while I work on your actual project,” and, “Here’s your final delivery exactly as you requested it.” If you accept the empty delivery and the seller drags his feet until the order is automatically marked as completed, then you’re stuck with NOTHING and the seller gets your money free and clear. This is utter scammery. Kill it with fire.