More Options Available to Protect Seller- Like flagging swindlers


I had a customer purchase 2 gigs a couple of days ago, both at $10 a pop. One was write his add, and post it on Twitter. The other was send two unique pre-written adds out over a 2 days period.

My gig, states clearly that I cannot control the amount of clicks/traffic a customer receives, because I am not MY twitter followers. There’s no way to gauge how well a product will do, and to consider that PRIOR to purchasing, so as to avoid a problem. That said, I do really well, with traffic.

At the end of the day, this buyer came back and rejected BOTH orders. Because 170+ clicks wasn’t sufficient- in his opinion, and he was dissatisfied. He added some nonsense like “I don’t want to give you a negative rating, just because I didn’t do that well with you… you might do great with other niches” … Annoying, yes because I have posted other buyers SAME adds on (as him) my page and done well- no complaints. Super annoying … because he was a click bank seller-- so he’ll be paid for my work, and traffic.

I contacted customer service, and they said they’d monitor his actions on fiverr.

I suggested a warning system, or something that flags a user that does that, so other sellers don’t get swindled. This guy had no intention of paying for my work, and probably does that all the time.

Needless to say, I took all his adds I’d posted down LOL… had to get some satisfaction out of the deal :wink:



Excellent advice! Thanks! :slight_smile:


I had a customer a couple months ago order a video, did 4 revisions on it, she told me how great my work was but if I didn’t do a mutual cancellation she would leave negative feedback. At the time I didn’t realize I could’ve just contacted support - but yes, there are always a few cheapskates who won’t even spend 5.00. And there is no way to take back a video! So she got it for free. You just have to move on…


OMG you had to irked…

Yesss so annoying!! There’s got to be something that can deter cheapo’s from doing that kind of stuff though.

Support’s good, but maybe if a customer has some type of pattern, they could monitor it, and ban… because it’s not fair if sellers complete their job as it’s described, and don’t get paid… [-X


The best advice here is as you have already suggested and contact our customer support team if you receive an unfair negative rating from a buyer, make sure you copy in the conversation with the buyer to the CS team and I am sure they will help you resolve things.




Well, we as sellers should be extra vigilant. There are just some buyers who would want to get our services for FREE. I really hope one day Fiverr would have a way to protect the sellers as well. We are working hard to earn a good reputation and it’s frustrating that one buyer would ruin it. There are just some inconsistencies in the rule. Negative reviews if unfairly given and the seller has an evidence to prove it, should be automatically removed by the Support team and would not ask the seller to contact the buyer anymore since it would be useless. Common guys, do you really need to get the buyer’s consent to remove it? Personally, If I know the buyer is still worth talking too, I would not even request for a support as I know I can resolve it in a win win solution. Unfortunately, not all buyers are the same. If a buyer who cheated on a seller can get a way with it , sure there is really a problem. I’ve been reading the discussions here in the forum and I know that there are already a lot said on how to improve Fiverr to make a it a better market place. I just hope that gradually all those suggestions would take into place. Tip for other sellers, if you think you really worked hard for it and delivered the gig in good faith, fight for it even it would cause you a negative review as long as you still have other good reviews and continue doing what you do best. Have a great day everyone,