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More Portfolio Link In Gig

Hi, I hope all are doing very well.

I want to put forward my suggestion, that we should be allowed to add links of our portfolio in gig description. Currently there are many allowed like flickr, dailymotion, vimeo and much more.

Behance, Github, Stack Overflow, Dribble we can link these accounts to our profile, but links from these websites are not allowed to be added in gig description. Isn’t it Odd??
It should be allowed.

What you think???


No it’s not odd. The links you suggest would allow communication outside Fiverr, which is against the terms of service, here:

Just a reminder: posting on the forum will not get you more sales.


It’s not odd because people would use it to commit fraud and there are countless legitimate ways you can showcase your work here.


Actually I used Flickr earlier but then I switched to Behance as it was more effective.
But now I am going to switch again to flickkr.
Thanks for the information.