More publicity for Fiverr -positive this time around


Looks like Fiverr’s gigs made headlines again, this time on Kotaku:

I had no idea these types of gigs were on offer!


Wait… what? People actually pay to have an online buddy to play games with? :open_mouth: And I thought I was the only one with no friends… but why did they specifically pay women? I mean, it’s a virtual friend in a game, you don’t get to see them. And for what it’s worth, it may even be a fake picture and be a man under that profile photo :smiley:


No, they offer voice chatting via paid extras, so I’m pretty sure they’re legit.


Lotta LONELY people out there…

So a big market… :video_game:


Im not a gamer but I can understand the appeal of doing this rather than having 12 year olds screaming what they will do to your mother etc. Also seems like in that particular game, the role of Healer is unpopular so paying someone to do it, and do it well seems like a good idea.
Kudos to those who do it and nice to see a great post about it.


This gives me an idea for a new gig. How about being someone’s penpal or even being their token friend of a different race. That would be a great way to eliminate racism in our world. I think I will create that gig, thanks for this article!


I don’t understand a word of what was written in the article. Guess the world has passed me by, I am living in the last century.


Huh? (20 characters)


Really, I feel very old right now…


Creating a gig to be someone’s penpal, I guess it would be easier for a woman to do so. There are a lot of people who do not have friends of other races so I suggested to create a gig to be their token friend. By being their token friend of a different race they will be able to recognize that any negative stereotypes they may have heard about that person’s race are false as not everyone is the same. I hope you can understand this.


All the best with that, don’t mind me, I don’t understand as I am from a different generation. LOL.


Lol! What is your age? You’ve never heard of a penpal?