More revision without paying?


hello i have order where there is only 1 revision available and if client want more he has to pay and now he asked for 3 but i didnt receive any money and fiverr gave him the revision without paying because i put 5$ for 1 additional revision
can you help me understand this please


Hello taylorjar1,

If the buyer asks for more revisions than what you offer along with the gig (as mentioned in your gig), it is your responsibility to go to the resolution center and add extras to the order which the buyer will then have to agree on and then, you get the extra money for the additional revisions. Unfortunately, Fiverr does not automatically recognize such instances and send extra money your way for the extra services you’ve provided.

I hope that helps for your future orders.

Wishing you the best!


i understand now thank you !
but what if the buyer didnt like it and send me negative feedback ?


In that case, the first step would be to inform/sensitize the buyer that you only offer X number of revisions for “free” along with your order (if s/he did not read it before placing/accepting the order, it is their fault, not yours) and that if they needed more, they’d have to pay extra for them. It would make sense to try and reason with the buyer first to try and settle it amicably between yourselves… before taking further action.

If the buyer is still refusing to agree to it and threatens/leaves you with bad reviews or anything else, you have EVERY right to report the buyer to the CS and they will take it forward from there.

AJ (hanshuber16).


amazing informations thanks alot @hanshuber16


You’re welcome! Have a good one :smile: