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More Sales: Basic Steps to Follow

Hello all!

Im a fairly new seller but I decided to try and give some tips on how to make more sales.

  1. Your Profile

    Make sure your profile is clear and concise! Don't beat around the bush, advertise your 
    expertise so that the buyers understand right away!
  2. Don’t make too many gigs

     If you're a beginner, limit your gigs to 2 or 3 max! This will keep your conversions ratio high 
     and allow you to keep the workload manageable. 
  3. Advertise

    Make sure to advertise your gig link on social media and other sites. It is crucial that you get
    clicks from outside websites as this will increase impressions and clicks! Your sales will come
    from fiverr users. The more clicks and impressions you have, the more fiverr will rank your
    gig closer to the first page. (if anyone is looking for cheap shoutouts feel free to send me a
    message and we can work something out)

I hope this helps. Good luck in all your business ventures!


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