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More Sellers copying my gigs

So here’s the latest on the "copy another Seller’s gigs front"

Tonight I found a copy-cat who took my script and added different stock footage scenes. I get it, that happens.

But the irritating part is this:
They took my music track (which I spend money on for licensing)
They copied my description of the gig including THIS part

This is an original script by Lee Johnson. My dog and cat perspective scripts are so popular they’re copied by others. Support the original creator here!

I reported the Seller.

This makes 4 times this has happened with 3 different Sellers


Great John !! its very bad that people steal the hardworking peoples content

To be honest, if it wasn’t for the music track and the copy-and-paste of my description I would not have cared.

Her version of the video itself is NOT good. :nauseated_face:

Just a quick update:

That gig I mentioned is no longer available. :slightly_smiling_face:


That shows Fiverr cares :slight_smile:

I idly typed some of my gig description into Google and discovered that several Fiverr sellers had copied it. One had copied every single word, including my profile and my package descriptions! I also noticed that Fiverr had suspended the gigs, so they were onto it before I was - which was good news.