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More sellers than buyers in Buyer Requests page

I’m noticing that there are more sellers posting requests in the Buyer Requests page than buyers. Is this allowed? I have tried posting there before but my request was rejected by Fiverr.

Is there any way I can report these sellers?

Also, is there any way I can promote myself in Fiverr?

It not, some seller , buyer request is for buyer who find seller fit their needs.

Fiverr will take down those one. Don’t worry.

Promote yourself: hmmm, Since fiverr suffer gig in a circle to make you get sales, i think not. But you can check buyer request every day and offer all the 10 offer/day to get sales from this. Not a bad deal.

You can promote your gig in the relevant section of the forum, but I can’t see this bringing in much in the way of sales. Your best promotion is likely to come off the site. Do you promote your gig on social media? Do you have a website? These are better ways of getting the word out there.