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More Specialist. Higher Prices

So after much consideration and thumb twiddling I have taken the step to reduce myself to 3 gigs (possibly more to follow) that are specialised to what I do best. I have however raised my prices. In the hope that I can focus more on quality, gaining returning customers and eventually a larger income stream. Now to sit and wait :crossed_fingers:


I am having similar conversations with myself! Good luck, you’ve done the right thing.

Quality always sells.


This actually took a lot of consideration. I got the motivation today to do it. New videos, re-writing descriptions, it’s all a lot of work and reducing what I offer is scary. But I think it was the right way to go. I just hope I’m right and I get orders from this change, not a steady decline in sales!


@wolfhowler Hi! While going through your profile which seems pretty cool, I saw something, I don’t know if it was a bug from my side but it was pretty interesting, so let me share it

Annotation 2020-06-17 022627

One of your skill test texts shows absolutely nothing?
What problem can it be? I even tried refreshing but I think this can be some text in other language or anything like that? I will surely appreciate if you check into it


Very interesting! I see that too when I preview public mode. It’s supposed to be my Fiverr English test. It shows up in my private profile correctly. Possibly a bug so I will sleep on it, if it still hasn’t re-appeared I will contact support. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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No problem, it’s my pleasure.
And regarding it, I think I have heard some sellers saying that the name of the english test has been changed so that could be a problem

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Not to be a pain in the… but supposedly we cannot have any mention of levels on our images… just a heads up because if someone catches it you may be in trouble :frowning:


Oooh I hadn’t heard of that one. Is that in the TOS at all?

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Yes, I think so it is, I read about it in the forum here

After searching for the word “level” and going through all 22 matches I can’t find anything related to that. I’ll go through it with a fine tooth comb.

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It’s not on the TOS but I found this:


Yes, thanks for the clarification, I read the same post earlier

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I was doing the same at the exact same time :joy:

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It is mentioned here:

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Dammit! Just as I was about to order a screencast for my new clog emporium, you go and raise your prices! :frowning:

Now what will I do???

Personally, I’d create another gig that tries presenting your gig as something like a video review of a website. - Though the exact terminology would need a bit more research. Also, I’d diversify into mobile app reviews too. “Screencast” to me is a bit confusing. However, maybe that is just because I’m not hip with these things. :thinking:

I’d argue that it specifically says just level “badges” not status. But yes, I will remove the status to avoid any risk!

You read my mind, this is already in the pipeline after recently having a couple orders that weren’t specially the typical screencast explain how a website works but a natural review of the website itself.

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Ssshhh… Don’t let everyone know or they’ll freak out. :wink:


no more eric the bear or whoever he was :frowning:

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This is actually a great move and high price doesn’t always define that you are expensive and it also gives a perception among buyers about the quality of your work, Keep it up and all the best.