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More stats are available

Screenshot 2021-06-07 184719

Wait a minute… Now we’ve got more stats to see! Awesome!

To follow up the post below, great heads up, @frank_d


Oh great. More bars for people to stress and freak out over on the forum. :sweat_smile:


This is an interesting addition. My only worry is that the “Order response rate” perpetuates the idea that Fiverr Sellers need to work 7 days a week and that taking a full day off is more or less out of the question to keep that statistic at 100%. I understand that it doesn’t take a long time to reply to peoples revision requests or order messages, but the idea of it being impossible to not work for a 24 hour period without negative repercussions has a negative impact on mental health.

Interested to hear other’s thoughts here.


I’m wondering if having less than 90% from Order stats can actually get you demoted? :thinking: If so, then a portion of users might struggle a bit.


Would you look at that?

I was right about the “hidden” metrics.

They are now available for everyone to see and track.

A lot of new features will start coming out that will provide sellers with more transparency when it comes to their performance.


I’m sure more sellers will come up with new myths soon, more 24/7’s incoming. A lot of people will now try to be awake to keep all of their performance at 100%


Doesn’t look like it is included in the “Maintain these standards to remain a Top Rated Seller” section of analytics… but could be. I guess without regulation or unions Fiverr can enforce whatever they would like.


New Metrics :sunny: Who knows what we will get in future?

I’m with you on that one Luke. People will strive to keep that bar at %100, or as close to it as possible, that could definitely lead to some negative outcomes. Seeing as it isn’t listed as a need for the Top Rated Seller section it shouldn’t be too much of a worry…? We’ll hopefully get more info in the future.


I am just seeing this now!Lol

I’m assuming order response rate is the “Hey, thank you for your order. Received and noted” kind of message?

Ha, just saw it now. Well, here we go!


Screenshot 2021-06-07 192544

I’m sure it is.

I guess we will also now have to answer every time we get a revision from the buyer: "Hey, thank you for your 3rd revision, I appreciate it!"


Hahaha, I’m hoping it only counts for the first time your receive an order. Just like the inbox response rate. Because if it counts for every message for the order, ohmygolly :upside_down_face: :face_with_head_bandage: hahaha!


Jokes on me, but yeah, hope that would be one-time only thing.

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Actually Fiverr is now able to tell when a serious order update happened from the buyer side.

Like a question, an additional request or a revision request.

So while you won’t have to respond to simple “hi” and “thank you” messages, Fiverr will let you know when the buyer is waiting for an update. (Remember the “buyer is waiting on an update for 10 hours” messages?)


Ah yes, I’ve seen those! So messages like that will likely still count to response rate. Hahah, @arnukas“Hey, thank you for your 3rd revision, I appreciate it!” might be useful! (Please anyone reading this don’t take this seriously, humor in play…)

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I just returned to my screen and it refreshed automatically.
I glanced at the rating first and was relieved to see it at 100 percent… checked the title after :woman_facepalming:t6:

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So we have to deliver any revision within 24 hrs as well?
Or just respond with a message after the revision request?

More on responding through message in a timely manner

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Saw this just now! “Some Previously Hidden Metrics”