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More stats are available

Nice initiative and it actually help the sellers to work hard to get 100% all the time and they have to more vigilant

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Fiverr is now to happen from the side. so we will tri your best work and your will be waiting .

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This is totally useless there will be a river of unnecessary conversation…


Sorry, where did you saw that?
On mobile app or desktop version?

I checked out my desktop version and it didn’t show up like that.

I just created a post about this! I was so confused when I first saw my rating (85%) because I ALWAYS send a welcome messages through my gig page, but it seems like this is for responding to all order messages/revisions within 24 hours (which I think is a little silly since not all messages require response or clients prefer to speak in the message function vs the order page). Interested to see how this will impact metrics/levels.

Would have been nice for Fiverr to introduce this feature before just throwing it out there.


This is cool and depressing both —

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That’s really a great completation…

Don’t know about mobile, but desktop it’s under ‘Dashboard’.

Well, good thing I responded to the “JoeBlowBuyer” is waiting for an update from you for 1 hour message.




Yes I found it on the desktop.
It’s different with the mobile version.
Thanks for the information.

If this means having to respond to every message in an order it’s going to get annoying fast. Many are just a thanks or a thumbs up. I’ve also tried to turn off the notifications for buyer requests that I’m now getting. It doesn’t look like it possible to deactivate it on desktop, anyone tried and managed it? Next we’ll have to acknowledge at least 90% of notifications.

It seems that you can only cut it down to once a day.


Once shown where the darn “Manage Buyer Request Notifications” button is by @donnovan86, I haven’t had a single annoying false alert since.


Check my post here

You will be able to stop all buyer request notifications, or at least customize the way you want.


Thank you! Done and done.

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I disabled them altogether from the seller plus page.