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More success than expected!

I’ve only been on Fiverr for 17 days. I’m still learning and discovering things everyday.
I didn’t really expect much of it at first. Yet I’ve already completed 4 orders and am working on another 4.

… WAIT WHAT!? How did that even happen :exploding_head:

It’s a lot of work but I really enjoy it! I’ve had some amazing and kind buyers so far.

So… this is my message to newcomers with possible doubts:
You’ll definitely get there! Keep striving.


Congratulations . You are very lucky person i think. Best wishes for u. Hope you will get more order soon. Go ahead.


Pass me on if you would. I am a blogger that needs a jumpstart. I have been out of the game for a while.


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Share me! As I said, I need the nudge.

Congrats! Keep going!