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More than 1 seller accounts on same internet

hello all
My question from fellow sellers is that can we use 2 seller accounts on the same internet? For almost 8 hours I have to stay at my workplace where we use shared internet. 4 of us have fiver selling accounts. Two of us are offering the same services while the other 2 have different services on Fiver. So can you tell me if it is allowed? If it is not allowed what are its consequences and bad effects on my account?


You can use 2 seller accounts on same internet. But you shouldn’t be selling similar service and must not share same payment account.

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Thanks for your response. Does it has any effect on gig ranking, impressions or buyer requests?

Hello @hamza_malik37
You can use multiple accounts on the same internet and on same pc/laptop there is no problem with it, but those accounts cannot provide same services, cannot buy/exchange orders and can’t use same withdraw account.
If you use it then all your accounts will get BAN with any notice.
So please make sure about it.

To summarize
The most important rules to take note of in this situation are:

  1. The accounts cannot sell similar services.
  2. The accounts cannot purchase from one another.
  3. The accounts cannot share a withdrawal provider (Paypal/Payoneer).

Thank You. :pray:


@patelhari Thanks for so much help. Can you clear a further doubt that is what do you mean by " The accounts cannot share a withdrawal provider?" Does it mean if the other guy is using Paypal for example? I cannot use Paypal as my withdrawal account or is it we cannot share the same account for withdrawal?

@patelhari if we have separate Paypal accounts, can we go for it then?

Does it has any effect on gig ranking, impressions or buyer requests? Can you guide about this as well?

Hello @hamza_malik37
The points I wrote about the same withdrawal account means you cannot use the same PayPal/Payoneer account with same name and same bank account.
If you have your separate accounts with respective names and bank accounts then there is no issues with it you can go head then.

Hope you this clear your doubt.

Thank You. :pray:


@hamza_malik37 it will not affect your gig in this scenario

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@patelhari Thanks a lot. It’s clear to me now. Thanks again.

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It was Informative Post :slight_smile:

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I really cant understand why this is a problem, think about a situation where a person working in a coworking space using fiverr and some other seller have fiverr account with same service and same office. Now you cant go to everyone and see what they’re doing, I think this should not be an issue.

I suggest you use 2 seller accounts only.

I think nobody should have more than one account.

Hello @swayam89
Your question is on point and the points you said above this may be issue in day to day life with sellers.
But this Fiverr policy has both their advantage and disadvantage at some level to protect buyers.

I think Fiverr need to allow multiple accounts on same internet/IP providing similar gigs by verifying their legal documents. :pray:
But Fiverr is always more supportive to the buyer rather than sellers.

@engshimul Bro we are not talking about 1 person using 2 accounts. The debate was about 2 people using same internet for 2 different accounts.