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More than 1 year of experience on fiverr still no orders

Hello! Here’s link to my GIG I have 38 reviews on this GIG and Have more than a year of experience on fiverr but I am unable to get any order on fiverr


Your link is not working.

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You might need to optimize your GIG or make some new GIGs.
Do some research specially for
1.) GIG SEO,
2.) GIG Meta Deta Optimization
3.) GIG Images that includes some MetaData
4.) Sharing platforms to get Impressions, views click.

The ultimate target is to get your GIG into search results.
These are a few basic things that you must need to consider while making/optimizing your GIG.

Hope it will help you out


great information thanks


Well my GIG appears on the Fourth page but still no orders:disappointed_relieved:


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@mariashtelle1 check it now

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Just reviewed your profile & GIGs.
You are really doing great & you have a great response from your clients. Since you have crossed the very first hurdle that is creating a good profile with great GIGs.
I think it’s now time for you to go to the next level.

1.) You must do market research what’s the most trending topic in your niche right now. Include those topics/Images in your GIG. You can refer below optimized as per my niche

2.) Build a relationship with Buyer to target repeat orders. Just like social media platform re-selling/buyback or building a returning customer base will give you stability & regular orders.

3.) Offer & highlight something in your GIG that is eye catchy & no other seller is offering with the same price range. Most attractive GIG cover Pics have a lot more changes.

Bonus Tip:- Twitch/Youtubers can be a great niche in your case, research what they ask & evolve yourself accordingly.

Thanks for reading, hope it’s helpful.

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@vipingg I have completed almost 80 orders still I am unable to have any repeat buyers like this is a thing where I lack and I don’t know reasons behind it


Aria, you need to learn to think like a businessman/woman. It doesn’t matter how many orders you have completed. What matters is how well you are connecting to your target customers. If you think you should have repeat buyers, and yet, you don’t, then the problem may be that you are not effectively connecting to your customers.

You don’t deserve orders just because you have gigs on Fiverr. You need to show your customers why they should hire you, and how you can help them. If you don’t connect to your target customers, then you’re not going to have any sales.


jonbas I’ve tried many man things in this year like changed my keywords provided quality work and all that but I don’t know where I lack

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The thing is that it’s quite though to get repeat clients for a logo design. People are not creating a new logo for their company every month. So I’m most cases it’s a one off deal, maybe once a year if they really like doing rebranding each year.

But in this niche you’d better concentrate on getting new clients but not repeat clients. You need to know your target audience and their needs. And of their need to have a logo for all times so they don’t need to change it every year.


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Well said @jonbaas.

@aria_rose :- You have already created your strong position. Depends on you, how far you can take this great opportunity.
Think like a businessman, try new things, offer bonus tips, try reconnecting your previous clients who gave you 5 Stars… and so on.

In the end, Fiverr algorithm keeps changing & your GIG can go from 1st page to 10th to nowhere in the search. All that will help you to survive & grow is your Client base.

You can do it, don’t lose hope. All the best for your new Avatar. Happy selling. :slight_smile:


Alright… name ten of the “many things” you have done in the last year to grow your business. Merely changing keywords is not the kind of productive goal-oriented action I’m looking to hear you tell me.

Tell me ten actions you’ve taken. Go.

I was just doing research on the same topic few days ago. What I found is that many logo designers evolved themselves as per the industry requirements & trends.
They added the GIGs like creative Thumbnails for Youtube or Layouts for Twitch streamers. Its really hot in the market & have a great demand.

Thing is in freelancing, you can’t just stick to one skill. This is like building a business which serves multiple products under one roof considering niche & sub niches.

Just an advice.

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1-I have created linked in profile and posted my work there
2 I have created my portfolio on behance
3 I(not very often) advertise my profile on facebook.
4 I created GIGs in T-shirt Design ,Flyers,posters and then deleted them cause nohing was coming out of them. I had to delete them cause I was demoted.
5 I did research in terms of keyword and changed them form time to time also I played with the the price of my packages.
6-Now I am giving 16hours of my day to fiverr
well these are some of my endeavors

Visibility isn’t enough. Why would someone choose you over one of your competitors?
What problems do you solve that they don’t?


This may be helpful to you: Getting Through the Sales Slump - UPYOUR


well I think I am fast enough that I can deliver in 6 hours which others normally don’t

Are the people you are connected to on LinkedIn your target customers?

Are the people you are connected to on Behance your target customers?

Are the people you are connected to on Facebook your target customers? And by “advertise my profile”, do you mean just posting random updates to your friends on Facebook, or are you referring to purchased ads within the Facebook ad platform?

You did NOT have to delete them – your CHOSE to delete them, and the reasons for which you deleted them are not valid reasons. Just because a gig has “nothing coming out of them” is not a reason to delete them. Had you effectively marketed and promoted them, you might have gotten order “out of them”. And being demoted is not a valid reason to delete your services. You gave up, and now you’ve lost the potential to turn those gigs into revenue-generating services.

What other kinds of research did you do? Constantly changing your keywords actually hurts your gig because you aren’t giving the gig time for those keywords to actually produce anything. In addition, constantly changing your keywords is not productive. Choose the keywords that reflect each gig once, and then promote the heck out of those keywords.

In addition, merely constantly changing your prices does nothing either. At best, it confuses your customers, since they keep seeing different prices. Set prices that reflect the value of your services, and prices that your target customers are willing to pay. Then market those services at those prices to your target customers. As your success grows, then you can consider raising your prices slowly, and in line with the trends established by your customers.

This is a complete waste of your time. Sitting around on Fiverr waiting for something to happen is a waste of your time and resources. What are you doing during those hours of waiting on Fiverr? Are you using that time to market, promote, connect with your customers, research your customers, refining your services, investigating the success strategies of your competition… the list goes on. Why are you sitting around doing nothing, when doing nothing does not build your business?

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