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More than 35 days no order

could you please help me
here I listed below what I have done for the gig
I have tried different attractive images spend time to create them.
I have changed a little bit description
I have changed pricing too
I have changed the title once
I created a new gig just to make sure if there’s wrong with my old gigs
I have shared on my social platforms gig and image both
now I have no idea why I am not getting orders even my gig images are good and the description is fine too.

here is my profile:

help me thank you.

lier, u have customer review 30 days ago

Check out (DES) points 1 and 3, and (CPM) 2

bro/sis fiverr don’t show days i got last order in 1st febraury. now it’s more than 40 days.

You delivered an order less than an hour ago. Congratulations.

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i do not get orders last 3.5 months

it was not an order. it was a sample image work in inbox. then he’s offline now.

Why are you doing work for someone outside of an order? Why are you giving your work away for free?

i’m not it was just a sample image.

i just got order yesterday. there’s still hope may be you will get too. who knows…