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More than 4 days in Fiverr and I still do not have orders

Still i don’t have any order.
4- 5 days in the ‘‘app’’, and i work in my gig.
You can help me? That i have to do for succeed in Fiverr?

Don’t waste your time, keep learning here on the forum how to optimise your gigs, there are many posts about that.


Well… don’t worry just for 4 to 5 days and no order yet. People spend even months here to get first order. Just be patient, participate here and above there is search box from where you can find many topics which are about the ways to succeed on Fiverr.

Hope you understood. :nerd_face:

Good Luck! :innocent:

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do not worry. keep promoting on your social media.

i spent 1 and half month to get first order only.

Fiver is not a get rich fast website. If you want to get orders so fast you also need to do something to be noticed.

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Write an awesome gig description and be professional who knows you are the next RISING TALENT