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More than 48 hours already

What is going on?!! :-w

I edited my gigs and I understand that it will take 24 hours to update. And it’s actually 48 hours already (even more), I’m pretty sure nothing I edited on my gigs did ever change…

I tried editing them again. And I don’t see any changes. So maybe I’ll have to wait 24 hours again?!!!

I even tried contacting Customer Support about something else (not related to my complaint here)… And it’s 3 days and I do not have any response!!!

This is the first time I’ve faced this editing update gone wrong and also a late response from customer support…

I wonder what’s going on… :-/ :-<

P.S. What is this update about being able to deliver on iOS devices?? I just recently updated my fiverr app with my ipad Mini awhile ago and the delivery button is in the shade of gray… meaning I can’t deliver from my iOS device… [-( We need ipad mini support here!!

I had the same issue and noticed if I edited part of my gig again, the update would be instantaneous. I also noticed if I updated several sections at once, it wouldn’t update at all (even after 24 hours)

So now I’m in the habit of saving my update on notepad just in case it doesn’t go through.

It’s about to be 2 weeks to this post. What’s the status now @theratypist?

Reply to @kjblynx: Yes, I did! Twice! :frowning: Nothing has worked…

Reply to @sameerthewriter: Oh hey… It worked after a while… I figured out this way where in I change the gig title and make all the edits on the gig description… then save it then I go back to edit the gig title to the original one… It works! haha. That’s what I do when simply editing the gig description directly doesn’t work…